Medical Devices Transformation

Technology enhancements, especially the rise of connected devices has led to significant consumer behavioral change. 
The world of intelligent devices has made it possible to deliver compelling business models through a cloud based service delivery platform. i.e. you now not only have your device data at your disposal but a collective intelligence of the connected world to best interpret it given your needs. 
Medical devices are seeing an increasing demand for these newer capabilities, of improved network infrastructure and advanced computing, to rescue the ever increasing gap between the demand of medical facilities and the availability of physicians and hospital care, at affordable costs. 
We are now witnessing an evolutionary change in next generation medical device development that utilizes enhancements to assimilate, aggregate and process data through multiple touch points and deliver medical services to a much larger base at a fraction of cost.   


MontaVista's View of Key Trends Influencing the Medical market

We believe the following are the current key drivers of Medical designs and are working to address these in our services and products offerings:

  • Internet of Things and Connected Devices
  • Bring Your Own Device, connections to medical/hospital area sensors
  • 3D Printing for Prosthetic and similar purposes
  • Deep Learning/Big Data algorithms and Artifical Intelligence for Diagnostics
  • Consumer-like User Interface for Medical Equipment

We look forward to your contact about discussing your specific application and how we could help, we specifically take pride in our capabilities in the following areas addressing the trends:

  • Hardware enablement: Focused approach to near-HW development, addressing FPGA-enabled solutions and low-level integration for AI and Sensor integration / Image processing and similar designs
  • Graphics expertise: Field-proven solutions for enabling low to high-level graphics stacks and drivers
  • Connectivity and Networking: IoT enablement capabilities and Gateway reference designs, our company was founded on the principle of Carrier Grade Linux for networking
  • Expertise: Years of embedded platform expertise, translating technology to medical use-cases
  • Quality: Recognized leader in embedded Linux commercialization with proven required long term support
  • Security: Specific focus on secure products and helping out customers achieve secure designs via our consultative approach


MontaVista Products Target Medical Use-cases

MontaVista's CGX product delivers Carrier Grade reliability, security, and serviceability out of the box in a highly configurable, flexible, manner while maintaining consistent high quality.
CGX meets the demands of the interconnected intelligent devices, providing application portability, dynamic configuration, field maintenance, and real-time performance in a single platform. 
By using Yocto project as a base, CGX offers an ideal platform for developers who want to leverage the flexibility of a true open source development platform, as well as the ability to achieve rapid time to market. 

Example Benefits
  • IoT ready: Connectivity to Core and Sensors, Virtualization for scalability
  • CGL: Ease of development using packaged tooling and platform
  • Real-time: Enabling time critical data processing and control equipment
  • Graphics-profile for UI-enabled devices
  • Security: CGL-level hardening, timely CVE fixing.
  • HW enablement: Existing BSPs including FPGA-enabled SoCs from Xilinx and Altera and networking SoCs from Intel, Marvell, TI and others.


Open Graphics

Open Graphics profile provides latest graphics middleware and UI toolkits (Qt & GTK) along with reference 2D/3D applications making it easier to build customer friendly graphical user interface for medical embedded devices.


Cybersecurity threat and Prevention

Cybersecurity challenges for edge connected devices are on the rise, some experts say exponentially.

Linux offers technologies readily available to help create solutions that secure onboarding and enable cryptographic security.  Encryption for data at rest and in motion, integrity management, and secure boot will be a requirement to meet HIPAA laws for standards for electronic exchange, security, and privacy of patient health information.

As a trusted Operating System Vendor, MontaVista receives notification of all security fixes and CGX security team provides rapid updates to the CGX platform.
MontaVista meets FDA needs for COTS software through:

· Regular customer Audits (Quality Assurance Process)

· Open testing framework (MVTest)

· Extended product support lifecycle (10 Years +)

- CVE process and Common Criteria OSPP compliance