Digital Transformation of Medical Devices

Recent advances in technology, especially the advent of connected devices, has reshaped the medical device industry, known as MedTech.

The increasing adoption of connected devices and pandemic Covid-19 have accelerated the use of digital healthcare services worldwide. Smart interconnected devices have also enabled new business models through a cloud-based service delivery platform.

As a result, medical devices have evolved with new features built on a more robust network infrastructure and advanced computing in order to reduce the gap between the demand for medical facilities and the availability of physicians and hospital care at affordable costs. For instance, modern devices will utilize technological enhancements to assimilate, aggregate and process data through multiple touch points and deliver services to a much larger base at a fraction of cost.

MontaVista's View of Key Trends in the MedTech landscape

At Montavista, we have noticed the following key drivers of Medical technology designs:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Connected Devices
  • Bring Your Own Device, connections to medical/hospital area sensors
  • 3D Printing for Prosthetic and similar purposes
  • Deep Learning/Big Data algorithms and Artificial Intelligence for Diagnostics
  • Consumer-like User Interface (UI) for Medical Equipment

Being aware of the trends and new requirements in the MedTech industry, we have continuously improved our commercial Linux solutions for MedTech companies.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Systems with MontaVista

MontaVista offers cutting-edge solutions tailored for the unique demands of the Medical market. Our flagship product, MontaVista Carrier Grade eXpress (CGX), is the epitome of Carrier Grade reliability, security, and serviceability in a highly configurable and flexible arrangement, setting new standards for medical device development.

MontaVista CGX is a game-changer, delivering a comprehensive Linux platform that aligns with the latest standards of interconnected intelligent medical devices. Our solution focuses on application portability, dynamic configuration, field maintenance, and real-time performance – all crucial aspects in the rapidly evolving landscape of medical technology.

Key Features and Benefits

IoT Ready: MontaVista CGX ensures seamless IoT connectivity to the core and sensors, offering native virtualization for scalability. Our solution is engineered to meet the unique requirements of the MedTech industry.

CGL Ease of Development: Experience ease of development using packaged tooling and platform, enabling faster time to market for your medical devices. MontaVista CGX, based on the Yocto project, provides a developer-friendly environment for efficient development processes.

Real-time Performance: Enable time-critical data processing and control equipment in medical applications. MontaVista CGX's real-time capabilities ensure optimal performance in demanding medical scenarios.

Graphics Profile for UI-Enabled Devices: Our graphics profile is field-proven, offering solutions for enabling low to high-level graphics stacks and drivers, ensuring a seamless user interface for medical devices.

Security: MontaVista CGX incorporates Carrier Grade Linux-level hardening with timely Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) fixing. Our focus on security aligns with the stringent requirements of the healthcare industry.

Hardware Enablement: Benefit from our focused approach to near-hardware development, addressing FPGA-enabled solutions and low-level integration for AI, sensor integration, image processing, and similar designs.

FDA Cybersecurity Compliance: MontaVista CGX meets the FDA requirements for Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software, ensuring compliance with cybersecurity guidelines for medical devices. Our commitment to quality is evident through regular customer audits, an open testing framework, and an extended product support lifecycle of over 10 years.

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