MVXpert - MontaVista Professional Services

Unlock Linux Potential with MontaVista Experts

For more than 20 years, MontaVista linux products have found their way into the global landscape, powering over 100 million devices – from cell phones to automobiles to Carrier equipment. Our domain expertise spans a wide spectrum, addressing critical areas like:

Network Infrastructure: Ensuring high performance and availability for extended device lifecycles, catering to the demands of the modern network landscape.

5G Wireless & Software Defined Networks: Navigating the realms of virtualization and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to empower the future of wireless communication.

Security: Safeguarding systems with advanced security features, providing a shield against growing threats in the interconnected digital world of embedded systems.

Datapath Acceleration: Unlocking the potential of OpenDataPlane (ODP) and Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) for accelerated datapath performance.

Internet of Things (IoT): Enabling seamless connectivity, reliability, and security within the IoT ecosystem, driving innovation forward.

General Embedded: Catering to diverse needs – from rapid development for short-lived consumer devices to robust solutions for automotive applications involving large teams and extended project lifecycles.

Harness MontaVista Linux Expertise in Your Projects

Boost your Linux performance with MontaVista Professional Services, known as MVXpert. As a leader in embedded Linux with extensive experience, MontaVista proudly presents the MVXpert services to leverage our profound expertise in your projects.

MontaVista Professional Services work to bridge the gap between general purpose technology and customer specific use case and project requirements. From initial definition to long-term support, we make sure you succeed!

MVXpert provides services like:

  • Innovative kernel design engineering
  • Unmatched long-term embedded Linux maintenance and support
  • Creating robust continuous integration and delivery systems
  • Tailored customer-specific hardware board support
  • Effortless platform isolation using containers (LxC and Docker) or KVM
  • Seamlessly executed porting and migration services
  • Robust implementation of cybersecurity features
  • Seamless integration of userland packages from other Linux distributions
  • Pioneering support on the development of testing and validation

With a wide range of long-term support services, MVXpert can be tailored to different Linux-based project needs like:

  1. Service Level Agreement (SLA) and CVE Updates: MVXpert provides robust SLAs and CVE updates for your chosen embedded Linux, including Yocto-based distributions (including those from SoC vendors), Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), Ubuntu, Debian, and other commercial Linux distributions.
  2. Enabling Hardware and Long-Term Maintenance: We specialize in enabling hardware and ensuring long-term maintenance to meet your specific requirements, guaranteeing the sustained performance and reliability of your systems.
  3. Triage and Issue Resolution: Our experts excel in triaging and fixing hard-to-find, critical Linux platform issues, particularly those classified as P1 (service down), spanning both kernel and userland packages.
  4. Streamlined Market Entry: MVXpert provides invaluable support for those with minimal Linux expertise or limited resources, guiding you to efficiently bring your products to market.
  5. Legacy OS Migration to Linux: We facilitate seamless migration from proprietary embedded operating systems to Linux, ensuring a smooth transition while preserving functionality.
  6. Enhanced Security: MVXpert implements essential security features such as SELinux profiles, secure boot mechanisms, and EAL4+ compliance, protecting your systems against threats.
  7. Linux Optimization Our team helps you optimize Linux systems to enhance image footprint, reduce boot times, minimize latency, and boost overall performance.

Working with hundreds of companies and embedded applications, MontaVista understands the hurdles and demands to meet deadlines, adhere to budgets, and ensure high reliability and quality in a project. Offering MVXpert services, we stand ready to provide support across all phases of your project, from initial development through deployment and ongoing maintenance and support for your end product.

The top end solution of our MVXPert services is the Offshore Development Center (ODC) approach. Here, our team becomes an integral part of your development group, providing services and support within your projects or even taking full ownership of projects with a cost-effective price-to-performance ratio!