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MV XPert - MontaVista Professional Services

MVXPert is MontaVista's flexible and encompassing Professional Services. MVXPert bridges the gap between general purpose technology and customer specific use case and project requirements.

From initial definition to long-term support, we make sure you succeed!

MontaVista products are being deployed globally and in over 100 million devices, ranging from cell phones to automobiles to Carrier equipment. Our domain expertise spans the gamut from network infrastructure (high performance and availability of long device life), 5G Wireless & Software Defined Networks (Virtualization, Network Function Virtualization), Security, Datapath Acceleration (ODP & DPDK), Internet of Things (Connectivity, Reliability and Security) to General Embedded including consumer devices needing fast development/short life cycle to automotive solutions with longer project life and large teams involving 100s of people.

MontaVista has been the innovator in the Embedded Linux market helping companies run their products with open source. MVXPert now offers that knowledge and experience to our customers regardless of the embedded Linux they choose. Among the services available are

  • Kernel design engineering
  • Long-term maintenance and support of any embedded Linux
  • Creating continuous integration and delivery systems
  • Customer specific hardware board support
  • Platform isolation with containers (LxC and Docker) or KVM
  • Porting and migration services
  • Implementation of cybersecurity deterrents
  • Integrating userland packages from other distributions
  • Development of unique test and validation services for your project

MontaVista understands the challenges you are facing and the pressures to deliver on time, on budget and with the highest level of reliability and quality. MontaVista can assist at every level of development, deployment and on-going maintenance and support of your final product.

With this market and Linux platform expertise in kernel, userland, toolchain and providing long-term support, MVXPert can address many of your Linux based project needs such as:

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) along with CVE updates of your chosen embedded Linux whether that is Yocto based distributions (including ones from SoC vendors), Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), Ubuntu, Debian and even another commercial Linux distributions
  • Enabling hardware and long-term maintenance of customer specific requirements
  • Triaging and fixing hard to find, P1 (i.e. service down) Linux platform issues related to kernel and userland packages
  • Minimal Linux expertise or resources to get a product to market
  • Migration from proprietary embedded OS to Linux
  • Implementing security features such as SE Linux profiles, secure boot and EAL4+ compliance
  • Linux optimizations such as image footprint, boot-time, latency and performance

The MVXPert team can work embedded within your team as an integrated group member, manage a specific task, or take responsibility for the delivery of a finished component or total solution to make sure you succeed!

The top end solution of our MVXPert offering is the Offshore Development Center (ODC) approach, where the MontaVista team takes up an integral part of your development group and can deliver services and support as part of your development project, or take complete ownership of projects at a very effective price/performance ratio!

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  • Deep Linux ™ Technical Expertise - in-depth knowledge of Linux kernel on all major hardware architectures, Yocto™, Open Embedded ™ and Linux File-systems
  • Proven expertise in managing projects of all sizes, ensuring high quality, on-time and within budget deliveries with no compromise on Security and customer confidentiality
  • Vertical Market Expertise - implementing solutions across the application development life cycle utilizing agile methodologies – Internet of Things (IoT), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Cloud RAN, Software Defined Radio (SDRs) & UAVs for Military & Aerospace, Automotive Info-tainment, Medical and Industrial devices among others.
  • Expertise with Legal, Intellectual Property, & Software Licensing
  • Flexible Engagement Models – We offer “fix-bid” and “time and material” options to meet the expectations of our customers depending on the project goals
  • Scalable team structure - with on-site, on-shore and off-shore locations based on our presence in USA, Europe, Japan and Asia
  • Hardware Enablement – MontaVista product (CGE & CGX) porting on an un-supported/custom hardware design by 3rd party hardware supplier or for a customer project
  • Board Maintenance - Productizing as a MontaVista supported board support package (BSP) and hardware maintenance in MontaVista partner hardware lab
  • Dedicated Engineering – Unique engagement with a dedicated engineering lead to ensure highest quality of product support including Long Term and Custom support options


Services Overview

RTOS/Legacy Migration

RTOS/Legacy Migration

MontaVista can help you convert your Windows Embedded, Windows CE, Virtex, iTRON, vxWorks, QNX or other similar RTOS designs to Linux to get the benefits of the Open Source community and ecosystem.

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System Tuning

System Tuning

MontaVista has been optimizing and tuning customer solutions based on Linux for 20+years. Please contact us to make sure your product works optimally for your requirement whether it is Fast Boot, Real-time improvements and faster packet processing capabilities for example.

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Support Programs

Support Programs

MVXpert - MontaVista can support any embedded Linux, taking over the technical support and long-term maintenance with CVE patching of your distribution.

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