Project OpenCGX® is a truly open and free to use embedded Linux® distribution from MontaVista Software LLC. OpenCGX® is based on MontaVista’s eleventh generation Carrier Grade Linux. Engineers can quickly jumpstart their ARM® and x86 development with a full embedded Linux distribution that is easily customizable. OpenCGX® is based on Yocto™ with the latest Linux® Kernel and GNU toolchain. MontaVista is also contributing Carrier Grade Linux features for high uptime, field diagnostics and resiliency capabilities, Real-time extensions and support for both ILP32 and 64-bit userland. We will continuously update OpenCGX from this point onwards, and keep up with the Yocto project.

OpenCGX® gives the community a solid embedded platform to do early development for Switch, Router, Firewall, Base Station, VNF, and Gateway Proofs-Of-Concept (POCs). Product owners and developers alike will find OpenCGX® a suitable starting point for their design and effort estimations. As OpenCGX® foundation is Yocto™ framework, SoC providers (including MontaVista’s SPEED partners) can extend their embedded Linux coverage to OpenCGX® for popular and emerging SoCs at no cost.

As market velocity is key, developers can leverage OpenCGX’s integrated cross compiler and software development environment to rapidly try out new applications and solutions. If application isolation is a requirement, OpenCGX® offers Linux Containers (LxC) to execute an application in an environment already initialized with dependent libraries and insulated so that it cannot affect any system level components or other custom applications.

MontaVista has been the innovator in the Embedded Linux market and offers that knowledge and experience via our Professional Services organization; kernel and design engineering, development of high availability systems, Open Virtualization with Linux KVM and containers, porting and migration services, creating build systems that integrate standardized packages, development of unique test and validation services for your project and a host of customized services. OpenCGX® platform gives an easier way to offer specialized services like “Long Term Maintenance” to customers on a familiar MontaVista platform. Find more on MontaVista Professional services here.

OpenCGX is available for many ready-to-use BSPs (Board Support Packages), including:

Please follow a simple readme to help you "Clone, Build & Boot" MontaVista OpenCGX for the choice of your platform.