System tuning and optimization

In its "out of the box" state, a Linux platform may not always align perfectly with your project's unique requirements. The good news is that Linux offers a plethora of features and functions, allowing developers to take advantage of its capabilities. However, achieving optimal performance often requires constant monitoring and fine-tuning to tailor a Linux platform precisely to your product's needs.

With experience of more than 20 years in modifying Linux to meet the customers’ needs, MontaVista stands as a reliable partner for Linux system tuning and optimization. Our expertise spans various Linux tuning projects and issues in embedded markets.

  1. Fast Boot Linux in 1 Second:

    We specialize in tuning and optimizing Linux kernels for lightning-fast boot times, ensuring your system is up and running within a mere second.

  2. Real-time Capability (Preempt RT Extension):

    MontaVista can address complex Linux real-time performance requirements, including preempt RT extension, to eliminate hard-to-debug crashes or resource lockouts resulting from real-time scheduling.

  3. Network Bandwidth Maximization and Latency Minimization:

    Our expertise extends to maximizing network bandwidth while minimizing latency, which is crucial for applications demanding efficient and responsive communication.

  4. Resilience Improvement to File Systems:

    We enhance your system's resilience to file systems through innovative approaches, ensuring stability even in unscheduled reboot cases.

  5. System Security Enhancement:

    MontaVista reinforces system security with various features such as secure boot, SELinux, policy creation, Trusted Platform Module (TPM), Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), ARM TrustZone and Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR), providing comprehensive protection against Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) and other evolving cybersecurity threats.

  6. Linux Optimization:

    Linux performance is multifaceted and can be assessed by different methods such as power consumption, I/O scheduler optimization, CPU scalability, and performance monitoring tools. For those new to Linux or users with limited knowledge, understanding and monitoring key system performance factors is crucial. Our team, well-versed in Linux intricacies, can guide you through the optimization process, enhancing image footprint, reducing boot times, minimizing latency, and boosting overall performance.

If you would like to learn more about how to tune Linux according to your product's requirements (e.g., security, bandwidth, interoperability), please get in touch today by sending an email to or leaving a contact request.