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Rooted in our extensive experience with open-source software and security from over two decades, MVSecure offers end-to-end security consulting solutions to tackle the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity challenges in embedded systems. MVSecure services are customized to meet your unique needs and system technical specifications, leveraging MontaVista's robust security processes and resources.

MVSecure services range from security assessment to system optimization, configuration and implementation. Our approach begins with a thorough security assessment, where our team reviews your use-case, identifies any vulnerabilities and evaluates the existing security controls against approved corporate security policies. This process is concluded with a comprehensive documentation of any security gaps, a detailed security threat analysis and a security enhancement plan. Based on your feedback, our team will implement the necessary security controls, optimize your system configurations, provide long-term support and maintenance on your infrastructure.


MVSecure covers a broad spectrum of essential system security features, from Secure Boot and run-time integrity management to certificate storage and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system configuration.

Our expertise extends to production line security process implementation, SELinux, ARM TrustZone, and TPM setup. MVSecure solutions are tailored to adhere to specific configuration standards including the Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG), IoT Security Foundation Framework (IOTSF), as well as other domain-specific or internal corporate security directives.

MontaVista specializes in incorporating crucial security features such as Secure Boot, SELinux, and Linux integrity management. These features play a pivotal role in securing embedded systems, providing a robust shield against unauthorized access, and maintaining the integrity of your Linux environment.

Secure Boot SELinux Linux integrity management
Secure Boot is a vital security measure that blocks unauthorized software from running during system startup. Essentially, it guarantees that only trusted software approved by the device manufacturer is permitted to boot. SELinux, found in various Linux distributions, comprises kernel adjustments and user-space tools. Its architecture aims to segregate security policy enforcement from decision-making, reducing the software involved in enforcing security policies. The Linux integrity subsystem, within the kernel, safeguards system data integrity through components like Integrity Measurement Architecture (IMA) and Extended Verification Module (EVM), along with the concept of trusted and encrypted keys.


Leveraging the MVSecure approach, MontaVista empowers customers to enhance their software supply chain security. MVSecure provides a scorecard on the supply chain trust for components used by MontaVista customers. This allows further vetting and industry-standard scanning, adding transparency to the product development process. This also includes Standard Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) generation and Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) management using Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL) descriptions to support scanners such as Tenable Nessus, CIS-CAT, and OpenSCAP.

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