Embedded Security
Empower Your Embedded Systems with MontaVista

MontaVista is your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of Embedded Security. Our cybersecurity solutions are designed to address the evolving challenges in securing embedded systems, offering a comprehensive approach that aligns with the latest industry standards and guidelines.

Harnessing MontaVista IoT Security Expertise

MontaVista CGX Security profile stands as a robust foundation for secure IoT gateways. The profile supports features such as Secure Boot, Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR), and Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux). By incorporating the United States Department of Defense-style mandatory access controls (MAC), we ensure a level of system security that meets the highest standards.

Our approach is guided by industry-leading benchmarks such as the Security Technology Implementation Guide (STIG) and the Common Criteria Operation System Protection Profile (OSPP), providing a roadmap for pre-enabling products for secure operation. Below is an overview of MontaVista's approach to Security.

Overview of MontaVista's approach to Security

MontaVista CGX Security profile can be customized to establish secure gateway partitions, leveraging the ARM TrustZone® enabled secure world environment. This customization extends to secure boot processes, certificate management, secure firmware upgrades, and secure data storage. Our end-to-end encryption solutions and firmware updates further solidify MontaVista's commitment to comprehensive embedded security.

Navigating the Standard in Embedded Security

The prevalence of cybersecurity threats for embedded devices is reportedly increasing at an exponential rate, according to some experts. Many organizations; however, face challenges in securing their embedded systems and achieving compliance with industry standards like Common Criteria EAL levels, Safety Integrity Levels (SILs), Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) and ISO security certifications.

On the other hand, the complexity of the embedded security landscape is on the rise due to international security regulations like the EU Cybersecurity Act, the EU Cyber Resilience Act, the EU NIS2 Directive, and the US Executive Order on Cybersecurity.

MontaVista understands the critical role an operating system plays in building a Root of Trust for Network Systems, IoT Edge Computing, NFV, and other markets. Our commercial Linux solutions have always been built on the latest security technologies and industry standards, supported and maintained for over 10 years to ensure long-term customer success.

MontaVista Embedded Security Solutions

MVSecure: Offering a comprehensive suite of security assessment, security configuration, and system certification services. We provide the expertise and roadmap needed to achieve specific security standards for embedded products.

MVXpert: Addressing specialized Linux issues, optimizing Linux systems, providing support for hardware enablement, legacy migration and CVE maintenance, MVXpert is your go-to solution.

Empower your embedded systems with MontaVista – Setting new standards in Embedded Security for a digitally resilient future.

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