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MontaVista Markets

With 20 years of commercial Linux experience for helping our customer develop embedded device, MontaVista offers an unmatched mixture of skill and experience to ensure success. Among the markets served we are helping transformation to the next generation use cases across military and aerospace, Telecom and networking, Internet of Things (IoT) and General Embedded markets.


MontaVista's root are in the Telecom and Networking space, the company was founded on the idea of Carrier Grade Linux and bringing real-time responsiveness into the Linux realm. We have a thorough understanding of the needs of networked devices and providing solutions in this space.

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Optimized solutions for embedded designs taking advantage of IoT communication technologies, Real-time responsiveness and latest security enhancements. We can also help move your platforms from other OS environments to Linux.

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Military and aerospace systems have evolved from uni-process/purpose to multi-core/functional, proprietary OS/interfaces to COTS hardware /commercial OSS software.

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Carrier Grade Linux for the converged Healthcare

MontaVista delivers reliable, secure, and serviceable Linux products and services to interconnected embedded medical devices and high performance IoT for healthcare networks.

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MontaVista can help enable your Automotive platform by providing support for your AGL-based design on the long term an/or by taking advantage of our Linux expertise and solution development specifically targeted for your design.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is certainly influencing a lot of embedded markets today. MontaVista is positioning a host of services and product offerings to make the best out of this megatrend, for the benefit of our customers.

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5G Demands - Higher capacity, lowest latency and more consistent experience.
Intelligent devices have revolutionized the way we experience the world and have created a limitless platform for innovation.

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Embedded Security - Building solid cybersecurity to stay ahead of the bad guys.
Embedded devices are now clear and present targets for security breach.

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