Growing IoT Potential in a Connected World

As the complexity and demand for embedded device applications surge, an increasing number of these devices are connecting to the Internet, giving rise to the Internet of Things (IoT). From smart appliances to industrial devices and connected vehicles, the possibilities are boundless. This convergence presents opportunities for data analytics, predictive maintenance, and streamlined upgrades within an expanding software ecosystem.

However, this IoT growth also introduces new challenges. Thousands of remote devices, secure data transfer amidst physical and remote threats, and secure over-the-air updates are becoming paramount. 

Discover MVEdge, a secure, ready-to-deploy platform designed to address these challenges. Backed by MontaVista's two decades of expertise in building secure Linux distributions, MVEdge offers a seamless solution to IoT, Edge computing, or Big Data projects.

MVSecure: Secure DevOps and Cloud Native Excellence

By design, MVEdge aims to enhance IoT devices with an optimized Linux platform through secure DevOps, a cloud native environment, and seamless OTA updates. MVEdge can help you find out the best Linux distro for your embedded IoT development needs.

In collaboration with Foundries.IO, MVEdge ensures that you can:

Accelerate Development: MVEdge empowers you to swiftly initiate your development hardware and any Linux distribution, enabling your team to focus on essential business software.

Efficient DevOps Workflow: Utilize our cloud-based DevOps infrastructure to create seamless "continuous development" workflows that integrate seamlessly with your existing development and deployment processes.

End-to-End Hardware Trust: Establish a secure chain of trust from the physical assembly of your system board to the deployed system at your customer's site. This assures your system's integrity and safeguards your data against breaches.

Up-to-Date Edge Devices: Benefit from MontaVista's renowned Long Term Support and regular releases, shielding your devices from Critical Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs).

OTA Security: Employ cutting-edge Over The Air (OTA) cloud infrastructure powered by The Update Framework (TUF) and OSTree. Ensure your edge devices remain secure with efficient delta updates!

Building Secure IoT Solutions with MVEdge

When you integrate MontaVista's MVEdge into your IoT, Edge computing, or Big Data projects, you are building on a foundation of trust, reliability, and comprehensive support. Skip the steep learning curve – MVEdge provides your team with a head start to crafting a secure, modern cloud-based solution. Embrace IoT innovation with MVEdge and position your application for success in a connected world today!

MVEdge end to end solution


Watch video resources about MVEdge processes below: 

  1. Creating A Factory 
  2. Configuring Git
  3. Configuring Fioctl
  4. Flashing The Device
  5. Register Device
  6. Update Platform
  7. Deploying Containers
  8. Docker And Robot OS

Support requirements can vary by company. If you would like to learn more about our support programs and discuss in more detail your requirements or get more information about how MontaVista can help with your Edge and IoT products, please email or call +1-408-520-1591.