MVShield for CentOS

CentOS was a Linux distribution founded in 2004, offering a free and community-supported computing platform well-known for its stability and reliability. CentOS was functionally compatible with its upstream source, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), until its discontinuation.

MontaVista, renowned for Carrier-Grade Linux products and support services, extends its commitment to excellence with a RHEL-compliant Linux commercial support program, MVShield.

Developers embedding a CentOS distribution in their products face the challenge of frequent updates to new CentOS releases every 6-9 months, disrupting development environments, leading to inconsistent testing, higher costs and missed schedules.

MVShield steps in as a solution, allowing you to freeze your CentOS branch. This makes it an ideal fit for sectors like network and wireless infrastructure, medical, and military-aerospace, where a stable and controlled development environment is critical for maintaining product integrity, integrating CVEs, and meeting strict deadlines.

MVShield provides support to CentOS 6, CentOS 7 and CentOS 8 for at least 10 years. Specific release versions included in our CentOS support are below.

Release Version End of Life
CentOS 6 CentOS 6.10 November 30, 2020
CentOS 7

CentOS 7.5

CentOS 7.6

CentOS 7.7

CentOS 7.8

CentOS 7.9

June 30, 2024
CentOS 8

CentOS 8.1

CentOS 8.2

CentOS 8.3

December 31, 2021

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If your product is using CentOS Linux 7, you need to migrate to a new operating system by June 30, 2024 to ensure ongoing access to security updates, patches, and new features.

Good news for CentOS 7 users is that MontaVista has decided to extend the operational life of CentOS 7.9, offering sustained security updates and technical support through MVShield.

In most cases, the end of life of a certain CentOS means that organizations must migrate their server fleets to a new distribution. This shift presents various challenges stemming from technical hurdles to operational uncertainties. In addition to potential compatibility issues, organizations may encounter downtime, data loss and exposure to security vulnerabilities while having lack of support and documentation.

As a customer of MontaVista via MVShield, you will no longer have concerns with CentOS EOL. We will keep your baseline and unique components up to date and secure during and beyond the lifespan of the distribution, giving you Enterprise Linux peace of mind.


As of January 2022, the CentOS project shifted its traditional approach to the CentOS Stream model, offering more limited stabilization options. In response, the original founders of the CentOS project established the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation, introducing Rocky Linux to replicate the original intent of CentOS Linux by deriving from RHEL.

MVShield for Rocky Linux

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