Custom HW Enablement

MontaVista has over 20 years experience creating Board Support Packages (BSPs) for the x86, ARM, MIPS, and PowerPC architectures along with associated kernel, driver, and userland adaptions on the SoC or third party reference hardware boards.  However, most companies develop and then ship their products based on custom hardware created for their specific requirements.  Engineering may start with these reference boards but will quickly move their development to custom hardware once available.   

Making a Linux platform for your environment

MontaVista can adapt your Linux product to fit your software and hardware environment.  Whether this is Linux based on MontaVista products or an embedded Linux of customer choice. We can develop or validate a BSP for your custom hardware board and all it's associated architecture, I/O, memory, storage, network capabilities, etc. This can quicken triaging of hardware and software problems that arise in development and deployment as the diagnosis is done on the specific hardware.

In addition, MontaVista can maintain updates (bug fixes and CVEs) on this custom hardware through our Board Maintenance Program (BMP), MVShield or MVXpert programs. It assures the updates have already been tested and vetted on the hardware.  Each of these services can be extened to integrate and maintain additional userland packages not offered in the standard Linux distribution (i.e. MontaVista CGX, Yocto, CentOS, etc.) MontaVista can assist by maintaining or uprevving these specific packages and running it through our robust QA on the customers specific hardware board.  

To find out more about our custom BSP, BMP, MVShield and MVXpert, please get in touch today by sending an email to or leaving a contact request.