MontaVista® CGX IoT profile is a modular and standards-based solution that delivers connectivity, reliably and security needed for IoT systems. The primary targets of the IoT Profile are to provide:

  • Access to field radio technology specific to IoT and similar use-cases
  • Support interpreted language runtimes often seen in IoT use cases
  • Enablement for critical IoT SDKs for connecting your gateway and sensors to the IoT Cloud frameworks


The network of millions of connected devices throws up an enormous challenge of ensuring that connectivity is supported among the edge devices, the gateway, and the cloud.

To this end, MontaVista CGX IoT Profile includes connectivity support for a comprehensive set of wired and wireless protocols including:

  • Ethernet
  • IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • IEEE 802.15.4
  • 6LoWPAN
  • CoAP
  • MQTT
  • XMPP

To allow seamless development and execution of today's IoT applications, we include:

  • Java SDK and Virtual Machine (openjdk)
  • Lua Virtual Machine

Finally, to support the key Cloud stacks your sensors and connected devices need to access we're addressing support for:

  • Microsoft Azure IoT
  • Amazon AWS Greengrass
  • Google Cloud IoT
  • ARM mBed IoT
  • IoTivity SDK

Please contact us if your required IoT agent software is not listed, very typically we can include new SDKs with limited effort.


For specific versions of the listed components and support status for your CGX version and BSP, please contact us or check our Resources section, as they vary between versions of our CGX products.