CGX Virtualization

Virtualization is prevalent on today's embedded systems, either in the form for pure HW-assisted virtualization or the trendy container virtualization. For that purpose, we at Montavista have created the CGX Virtualization profile - a commercial quality set of packages and features for making sure your platforms can serve both requirements.

Together with containers virtualization, we also include CRIU for more advanced use-cases and container migration. You can also take advantage of full process dedication to one core using our Core Isolation feature.

Additionally, the Virtualization Profile containes tools with virtual machine introspection, like cloudinit and openvm-tools. These tools allow you to examine and change the configuration of the virtualization environment where your guest VM runs.

We also include the de-facto standard container orchestration framework, Kubernetes, pre-validated with the Docker engine.

Together with Kubernetes, we package tools like VxLAN, VFIO and CEPH, that allow you to build the next layer of Cloud functionality in your embedded device, for use-cases on the Intelligent Edge, the Core network, or for similar needs on other markets. 


CGX Virtualization Profile Features
  • Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM)
  • Docker containers
  • Checkpoint Resume In Userspace (CRIU)
  • Kubernetes
  • Core Isolation
  • Cloudinit
  • openvm-tools
  • CEPH


For specific versions of the components and support for your CGX version and BSP, please contact us or check our Resources section, as they vary between versions of our CGX products.