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Jobs with MontaVista Software

At MontaVista, each person contributes to the success of our company, and to the success of thousands of our customers around the world. Our customers use MontaVista embedded Linux software to build groundbreaking new devices.

MontaVista fosters a culture of teamwork and respect that enables our family of employees to be productive contributors to the lives of many people. People at MontaVista enable engineers to create devices that improve the growth of businesses, the education of children, the well-being of healthcare patients, the creativity of musicians, the safety of police officers, the innovativeness of high-tech manufacturers, the togetherness of families, and improve peoples' lives in many other ways.

Besides, working on software for cool new devices is fun. Our people work with creative engineers at companies ranging from famous organizations (Boeing, Emerson, ITT, Motorola, NASA, NEC, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Yamaha—to name just a few) to innovative start-ups.

Our people also make a big difference in the open source community that fosters Linux, Eclipse, and other open source software projects. MontaVista people have a heritage as shapers and contributors to open source embedded Linux. No embedded software company has done more to lead the open source movement than MontaVista:

  • A top 20 contributor to the mainline Linux kernel for several years in a row.
  • Active contributor and maintainer of key areas of Linux inside and outside the kernel, plus other kernel trees and communities.
  • Opened more hardware platforms to Linux than any other company.
  • Made Linux contributions of greater importance than those from any other embedded Linux company.
  • Creator of the world's largest educational conference for embedded Linux developers.
  • Member, sponsor, co-founder, director, board member, or chair of more than 20 open source organizations.

So you can understand why we are proud to work at MontaVista, and why our people are so dedicated.

We offer attractive salaries and benefits, cutting-edge technology, and a progressive work environment. Our culture appreciates diversity, fosters personal growth, values teamwork, shares success, and rewards excellence. We are an affirmative action/equal-opportunity employer and we seek to hire qualified applicants from diverse backgrounds.

Open Postions

Thank you for your interest in joining our team. Currently, there are no active job openings. Please check back regularly for updates on new opportunities.