With a legacy spanning over two decades, MontaVista has been at the forefront of seamlessly integrating Linux into diverse applications, driving innovation, and unlocking new possibilities. As a leader in the embedded market, we have the prowess to target any baseline, empowered by state-of-the-art building and testing facilities.

Whether it's a brief task like integrating a newly released package into an older kernel version or a more extended commitment requiring a dedicated engineering resource, MontaVista offers a range of support programs to meet your specific needs:

  • Standard support included in MontaVista Linux products
  • Yearly or half-yearly dedicated MontaVista engineering services
  • On-demand engineering hours for shorter and focused tasks
  • Project-based support to achieve defined deliverable requirements


Discover MontaVista’s MVShield, a go-to support program targeting specifically CentOS® and Rocky Linux® – distributions derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux® (RHEL).

MVShield offers expert guidance for CentOS and Rocky Linux releases, extended lifecycle support (ELS), end-of-life (EOL) distribution migration and transition. Leveraging MontaVista's extensive resources, MVShield provides comprehensive maintenance coverage for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) and run-time defect resolution, giving peace of mind with RHEL-compliant Linux baselines.

MontaVista’s approach consistently relies on the CentOS or Rocky project baseline, which we deliver extended lifecycle support. Through MVShield, there is no necessity to update minor CentOS or Rocky versions, as MontaVista ensures that your chosen baseline remains up to date with necessary backports.


Through MVShield, MontaVista delivers robust updates for CVEs and bug fixes, thoroughly tested through our QA test infrastructure. We also provide pre-configured "Secure by Design" setups tailored for both enterprise and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware deployments. Custom SLAs are available to address strict mission-critical engineering needs requiring rapid response and resolution for key schedule milestones and launch events.

MontaVista can flexibly work on critical bug fixes and CVEs deemed essential within your specific timeframe to meet customer commitments. This includes providing quick turnaround “hot” fixes to potentially devastating 9/10 scored CVEs.


Under the new “security-first” strategy, MontaVista allows customers to enhance their software supply chain security, providing a scorecard on the trust level for components used by them. This includes thorough vetting, industry-standard scanning, and processes, including standard Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) generation and CVE management using Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL) descriptions to support scanners such as Tenable Nessus, CIS-CAT and OpenSCAP.


There are reasons to choose MontaVista’s MVShield support program:

  • Enterprise Linux base: MVShield follows a well-known baseline RHEL which has an extensive application ecosystem
  • Competitive pricing: MVShield has a fixed yearly cost with no run-time fees or licenses that can save 30-50% of your annual spendings
  • No lock-in effect: All open-source distribution, no multi-year tie-in with the service
  • Risk reduction: MontaVista can well take care of the distribution maintenance for security vulnerabilities and defects, allowing you to focus on your products core value
  • Peace of mind: MontaVista as a trusted partner to give advice for your Linux needs and be on-call to handle technical issues

The following diagram depicts key differences between RHEL, community CentOS and MontaVista’s MVShield.

Our commercial support for CentOS and Rocky Linux, MVShield, is available now!

MVShield for CentOS

MVShield for Rocky Linux

To find out more about MVShield, please get in touch with us today by sending an email to sales@mvista.com or leaving a contact request.