RTOS Legacy Migration

Embedded Linux is the developers go to choice to use in products and projects.  For teams looking to move away from legacy products using a home grown or commercial real-time operating system (RTOS), migration can seem daunting.  MontaVista can help make this transistion less complex and tangible as we have worked with customers moving away from RTOS-based systems to Linux.  We have achieved these migrations by reviewing different approaches:

  • Native Migration - Identify RTOS architecture, schedulers, compilers, and application differences to create the needed code changes
  • Virtualization - Execute the legacy RTOS applications in KVM or containers (Docker, LxC)
  • Adaptation - Aim to reuse core parts of your software investment by using adaptation layers, like Mono and Java

Specifically, we have launched a service to allow migration from Windows CE and Windows Embedded to our CGX Linux. Please see the tech brief on the sidebar for more details. We would love to hear about your migration story and help you finish the project successfully!

MontaVista can assist in scoping the best approach and making the necessary porting modifications for either native migration or setting up a virtualization environment to safely execute the legacy applications. 

If you want to explore what is the best approach for your migration needs, please get in touch today by sending an email to sales@mvista.com or leaving a contact request.