Industrial Market Transiting Towards Automation

The industrial market is undergoing a large-scale transition towards a new age of automation driven by recent technological advances. At MontaVista, we believe that the Internet of Things (IoT) has a significant impact on modern industrial technologies.

Back to the 2000s, Machine-to-machine (M2M) technology was first seen in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, paving the way for IoT to thrive. The advantages of connectivity were soon recognized and driving the industrial market towards Industry 4.0 in which productivity and efficiency are improved considerably. As an example, real-time monitoring with IoT sensors and Cloud networks allows getting critical insights into the factory floors and data-driven optimization on an organization level.

MontaVista's View of Key Trends in the Industrial market

At MontaVista, we have realized the following key drivers of Industrial designs:

  • IoT for M2M Automation and Surveillance
  • Services-based Architecture and Cloud/Grid computing
  • Industrial Wireless Technologies
  • Factory Robot Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy
  • Adoption of standard UI Frameworks

As an embedded market leader, MontaVista has worked with various customers on different industrial use cases. We understand the vital role of maintaining legacy hardware and software baselines in the long-term for manufacturing systems. We have the expertise and technology needed to solve major challenges of developing state-of-the-art embedded applications and designs.

Unleashing the IoT integration

Unlock the potential of IoT with MontaVista Carrier Grade eXpress (CGX), featuring a dedicated IoT profile designed to deliver feature-rich IoT devices with the following key aspects:


MontaVista CGX IoT Profile offers comprehensive connectivity support for a wide array of wired and wireless protocols. Experience seamless integration and communication across your industrial ecosystem.


In the carrier-grade market, network performance and availability are critical. MontaVista CGX ensures high availability and serviceability tools, meeting the stringent requirements of telecommunications providers, aerospace, defense, and various enterprise segments.


CGX Security profile, a cornerstone of MontaVista's IoT solutions, provides advanced features like Secure Boot, ARM TrustZone® enabled secure world environment, certificate management, secure firmware upgrades, and secure data storage.

CGX Graphics: 

Enhance user interaction in your industrial products with CGX Graphics profile. Tailored for UI- and screen-enabled designs, this feature is perfect for applications such as office equipment, industrial controllers, and medical devices.

Leverage Industrial Systems with MontaVista

At MontaVista, we understand the main trends and unique challenges that the industrial market faces. Our solutions are tailored to meet the ever-evolving demands of industrial IoT automation and connectivity. Explore our deep embedded Linux expertise in addressing various industrial challenges.

Hardware Enablement

Empower your industrial applications with MontaVista's board support packages (BSPs) designed for both modern and legacy embedded SoCs. Our processor update-friendly architectures and compatibility with custom hardware baselines ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.

Connectivity and Networking

Experience a new era of connectivity with MontaVista products. Our comprehensive IoT and network integration solutions leverage leading platforms such as Amazon AWS, Google IoT Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Embrace IoT connectivity that transforms your industrial processes and enhances overall efficiency.

Real-Time Performance

In the industrial landscape, real-time responsiveness is non-negotiable. MontaVista's robust Linux embedded platforms offers hard real-time capabilities for efficient data processing and control equipment, ensuring your operations run smoothly and with precision.

System Security

Secure your industrial designs with MontaVista's system-based security solutions, specifically for IoT applications. Our expertise extends to Linux security, offering features such as Secure Boot, ASLR, and Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux), providing a robust defense against potential cybersecurity threats.

Legacy Migration

Transition seamlessly from legacy environments such as ITRON and VRTX with MontaVista Linux platforms. Our professional MVXpert services include expert assistance to ensure a smooth migration process, allowing you to embrace the latest innovations without compromising reliability.


MontaVista is dedicated to driving innovation within the Linux community. With over two decades of experience, we welcome and support industrial designs that leverage open-source Linux, paving the way for groundbreaking industrial solutions.

Elevate your industrial solutions with MontaVista – Where Innovation Meets Reliability in the World of Industrial IoT.

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