Santa Clara, CA, 29 Mar 2022 –– MontaVista® Software, LLC, a leader in commercial Embedded Linux® products and services, today announced availability of an optimized service package built on the market-leading MVShield product, offering support for platforms derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux via the CentOS and Rocky Linux projects.

Service Providers can take advantage of the full reach of the CentOS and Rocky Linux ecosystem, while adding their custom platform content, content outside the distribution ecosystem, or by choosing adapted versions of the userspace packages or the Linux kernel. Additionally, MontaVista provides engineering services to customize the hardware support layer of CentOS or Rocky to provide support for optimized hardware configurations such as those required for Intelligent Edge applications. This allows a unique and unrestricted combination of excellence from the embedded and enterprise Linux realms.

Of primary importance to Service Providers is the availability and responsiveness of the network. MontaVista and MVShield effectively address this demanding requirement by providing MontaVista’s world renowned Carrier-Grade testing services to Enterprise distributions. This, coupled with an SLA that is customizable up to 24x7 services and telecom-grade response times with deep dedicated expert support can meet any global enterprise demands.

MVShield services are a cost- effective platform for Service Provider networks which typically include solutions running an enterprise Linux operating system, such as core nodes that form  part of the OpenRAN architecture. Other key solution areas MVShield supports are nodes running a Virtual Network Function (VNF), Microservices hosting environments, or platforms providing base images and VNFs for networked application development.

Additionally, MVShield provides all the above in an effective and flexible cost model with MVShield adopters enjoying on average 50% cost savings over other enterprise Linux support providers.  MVShield also provides a lifecycle support commitment of 10+ years for each minor release of CentOS Linux or Rocky Linux, regardless of the Linux community’s end-of-life announcements.

Finally, and most importantly, MVShield has already been adopted and is currently in-place supporting multiple Tier1 network equipment providers and network service providers.

Supporting Quotes:

“We are proud to be able to offer an optimized support package specifically geared towards the Service Provider market with MVShield,” said Jim Gallagher, Global Account Manager at MontaVista. “We are now leveraging our networking success and deep technical expertise and knowledge to provide the same level of excellence to the enterprise space with CentOS and Rocky Linux support, emphasizing the message MontaVista is a supplier you can trust in any Linux environment.”

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