MontaVista Announces Rocky Linux 9.2 MVShield Support


MontaVista Software, a principal sponsor to the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation continues firm commitment and investment into the Rocky Linux ecosystem, providing commercial support for Rocky Linux 9.2 and upcoming 9.x releases.


Santa Clara, CA, 15th Aug 2023 –– MontaVista® Software, LLC, a leader in commercial Embedded Linux® products and services, announces immediate availability for Rocky Linux 9.2 for customers needing commercial support and maintenance for Rocky Linux. MontaVista’s commitment to Rocky Linux continues despite the recent changes to the CentOS project source distribution announced by Red Hat.
The Rocky Linux project was founded in late 2020 as a successor in principle to CentOS Linux, generating an impressive ecosystem around the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF) over the last few years. MontaVista Software joined RESF as a Principal Sponsor early in the process and continues to support and drive strategic alignment with its products and services. 

The MVShield product family, launched in 2019, has become a de-facto solution for a customized commercial support solution around CentOS Linux and Rocky Linux with accelerating customer growth year over year.

Now extended for Rocky Linux 9.x, MVShield provides these critical values to our customer base:

  • Customizable Service Level Agreement (SLA) – Technical support to accelerate time to fix in critical events, leveraging the deep Linux expertise from MontaVista’s 20+ years of experience. 
  • Rapid response to CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) - Either via expert community patching or MontaVista’s own find-and-fix efforts. MVShield also fixes CVEs and defects not released in the underlaying Rocky Linux baseline.
  • Manage and integrate a custom package list and versions into Rocky Linux - MontaVista specializes in supporting custom combinations of packages and operating system components, not all of which need to be Rocky Linux based, offering maintenance and support for use-case-specific platforms.
  • Long-term support (10+ Years) on a single baseline - MontaVista provides all required security fixes to our customers without the need to upgrade to newer versions, saving on re-testing and certification costs while adding stability.

The recent changes Red Hat announced for the CentOS git source stream, that serves as the upstream of Rocky Linux, have no impact on the MVShield service. MontaVista, as a principal sponsor of the RESF, is in continuous discussions with the Rocky Linux initiative leadership, and we follow the strategy set up for the consortium. 

Furthermore, our customers and prospects have the backing of MontaVista Software, where we have more than 20 years of experience in creating Linux distributions from scratch, with the capability to pull changes to the GNU Linux fundamental packages directly from the original package repositories if necessary.

Supporting Quotes: 

“Seeing the adoption of Rocky Linux and our commercially supported MVShield in the market is truly invigorating. We see customers continuously demand a customizable, long-term supported variant of an existing Open-source baseline, while also needing specific expert support from Linux specialists in critical field situations”, said Iisko Lappalainen, Director of Product Management at MontaVista Software, “Our MVShield product is an ideal package for these requirements and can meet the customers’ needs with a very cost-effective business model.”

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