CGX Dataplane

Our CGX product has a strong legacy on the Telecom and Networking market, where it is very common to have devices with extreme bandwidth packet processing on the user-plane.

Such speeds are often not achievable using the Linux networking stack, but one resorts to Linux user-space frameworks that essentially bypass the kernel networking stack to process packets.

The CGX Dataplane profile is MontaVista's answer to this need as it packages up both the leading technologies for enabling such an architecture: the DataPlane Development Kit (DPDK) and OpenDataPlane (ODP).

Both of these technologies are supported for both guest-side and host-side deployments, the latter also with the option of combining the user-space packet processing acceleration with the de-facto standard OpenVSwitch virtual switching component for hypervisor environments on the Intelligent Edge.

We have further enhanced this package with the Core Isolation feature, often used together with DPDK or ODP, to achieve near zero-interruption for the packet processing application. This feature aims to completely isolate one application to one processor core so it can achieve maximum performance running the application payload processing. While this seems simple, our vast experience in embedded Linux has allowed us provide a very optimal solution for such environments.

CGX Dataplane Profile Features
  • DataPlane Development Kit (DPDK) 
  • OpenDataPlane (ODP)
  • OpenVSwitch (OVS)
  • OpenFlow protocol, via OpenVSwitch
  • OVS, with DPDK acceleration (Host-side)
  • OVS, with ODP acceleration (Host-side)
  • Core Isolation

For specific versions of the components and support for your CGX version and BSP, please contact us or check our Resources section, as they vary between versions of our CGX products.