Spanish NEP Teltronic deploys MontaVista Linux in next-gen base stations


MontaVista Linux powers next-generation base stations for private radio networks used by police, military and emergency services

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – April 20, 2009 – MontaVista® Software, Inc., the leader in embedded Linux® commercialization, today announced that MontaVista Linux has been deployed by Spanish network equipment provider (NEP) Teltronic in its next-generation private radio network base stations. Teltronic, a manufacturer of mobile terminals, in-car terminals and infrastructure for TETRA-based radio networks used by emergency services, security services, the police and public transportation systems, selected MontaVista Linux for use in forthcoming products due to the commercial-grade quality, integration and support provided by MontaVista.

In order to deliver the substantial increase in call capacity and data throughput required in its next-generation TETRA system, Teltronic adopted Advanced TCA hardware that enables extremely high-speed parallel processing and fast switching between arrays of radio repeater stations. To support this more advanced hardware, Teltronic decided for the first time to implement a Linux platform. Teltronic selected MontaVista Linux because of the wide range of advanced networking features integrated into the kernel. MontaVista provides the only Linux distribution that is certified compliant with every important carrier grade standard in use worldwide by the telecommunications industry.

"For users of our equipment, the network is mission-critical. Downtime is not acceptable to security or police services, so our infrastructure must offer carrier-grade levels of reliability. We chose MontaVista Linux because it comes with the high-availability features we need – such as redundancy, clustering and replication – to meet our customers’ very demanding requirements. And by using a commercial Linux product that offers these features, rather than trying to build and certify our own Linux, we have saved substantial amounts of engineering effort and expense, we have reduced risk, and we have shortened our development time," said Roman Abadias, Deputy Director of R&D at Teltronic.

"In the case of government and military customers, suppliers have to be able to provide rapid support for products in the field. One of the advantages of using MontaVista Linux is that we can benefit from using an open-source OS while getting the kind of support you would expect from a proprietary OS company," continued Abadias.

"As the provider of the world's most widely-deployed carrier grade Linux, MontaVista is committed to supplying customers like Teltronic with the highest quality operating system. MontaVista Linux offers the highest levels of availability, field serviceability, and security of any carrier grade OS," said Dan Cauchy, senior director of market development, carrier and mobile platforms at MontaVista Software.

Because of its high degree of reliability, scalability, and performance MontaVista Linux was selected to run in the TETRA modules that have the highest performance requirements. This will allow Teltronic to provide an uninterrupted flow of the enormous volume of high-bandwidth data and voice needed for today's multimedia communications. MontaVista provides the most widely deployed carrier grade Linux solution in the world, used by seven of the top eight NEPs, including Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola, and NEC.

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