MontaVista Demonstrates Hard Hat Linux Running On Industry's Fastest, High-Performance Single-Chip Architecture

MONTREAL, LinuxExpo, Apr 11, 2000 - MontaVista Software, Inc., developer of the Hard HatTM Linux¬ operating system for embedded applications, today introduces the company's Linux port for the recently-announced IBM PowerPC¬ 405GP, a highly integrated, 350+ MIPS device for networked applications.

MontaVista unveils this technology at Linux Expo in Montreal. The integration of Hard Hat Linux and IBM system-on-chip technology offers developers high performance and flexibility for applications in "post-PC" pervasive computing products.

"IBM sees value in providing customers with greater options for creating Linux solutions," said Dean Parker, PowerPC product marketing manager, IBM Microelectronics. "Porting Linux to the PowerPC 405GP will provide greater options to customers."

"Embedded systems developers have long valued the stability and performance embodied in the PowerPC architecture," comments Kevin Morgan, MontaVista vice president of engineering. "MontaVista is the first embedded Linux provider to deliver support for the IBM system-on-chip solution. Both IBM and MontaVista focus on rapid deployment, reusability of code, and an emphasis on developer-friendly technologies and business models."

Hard Hat Linux offers embedded developers a royalty-free, 100% pure embedded Linux OS, with a small footprint, optimized for use in Internet appliances, networking equipment, and "wired" versions of existing consumer and office automation equipment. The advanced features, high integration, and best-in-class performance offered by the IBM 40x family of processors make them a compelling choice for advanced consumer products, such as set-top boxes, mobile devices, streaming media players, and digital televisions. With its complement of embedded peripherals, including on-chip Ethernet, a code decompression engine, a PCI bus interface, on-chip SRAM and intelligent multi-function I/O interfaces, the 405GP is a logical choice for feature rich devices that leverage both the silicon itself and the resources offered by Linux.

"Developers choose to embed both Linux and high-integration devices like the PowerPC 405GP for the same reasons: faster time-to-market and reduced manufacturing costs," points out Jim Ready, embedded industry pioneer and MontaVista CEO. "Now developers can look to IBM silicon and Hard Hat Linux for the most powerful tool box for embedded design projects, offering greater integrated functionality in the right-sized package, for the right price."


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MontaVista Software Inc., founded in 1999 by real-time operating system pioneer James Ready, delivers open-source software solutions for the worldwide embedded software market. MontaVista's principal offering is the Linux¬ operating system tailored for embedded software applications. MontaVista products include Hard Hat» Linux, a standard off-the-shelf binary distribution of Linux for PowerPC and x86 architectures. Hard Hat Linux is supported by a comprehensive tool suite including optimizing compilers for C, C++ and other languages; high-level language debuggers; and performance monitoring tools. The company's Subscription Plans also provide Linux support, porting and customization services to customers worldwide. MontaVista headquarters are in Sunnyvale, Calif., in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

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