MontaVista Software Launches Meld 2.0 Next Generation Community
for Developers of Embedded Linux Devices

Enhanced community provides a forum to share ideas on the development of feature-rich, highly optimized embedded Linux systems

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — August 11, 2010 — MontaVista® Software, LLC, a leader in embedded Linux® commercialization, today announced the launch of Meld 2.0, the next generation of the embedded Linux community sponsored by MontaVista. Meld is an active community for all developers of embedded Linux devices. The next-generation Meld introduces a new look and feel to the community along with a new URL,, making it easier for users to connect and share information on embedded Linux design challenges

Launched in March 2009, Meld is open to anyone doing development of embedded Linux devices, regardless of architecture or Linux distribution and tools. To date, Meld has grown to a community of almost 2000 active embedded Linux developers with discussions covering a variety of technologies, architectures, and development approaches. With over 500 discussions created to date, key topics in Meld include Android development and porting, small Linux footprint, resource and memory management, multi-core and more. With Meld 2.0 the original goals remain the same, to provide a forum for developers of all skill levels to connect and share information, ideas, and software around embedded Linux designs, accelerating their development efforts and delivery of commercial products.

Supporting Quotes:
"As the use of Linux in embedded devices grows, the Meld community continues to offer a compelling environment to find and share information, experiences, and to collaborate on best practices," said Chris Rommel, Senior Analyst in VDC's Embedded Software and Tools Practice. "Meld 2.0 is targeted at expanding that environment through extended functionality, commitment to open source technologies like Drupal and OpenID, and its new URL. We think Meld will continue to be a valuable resource for embedded Linux developers."

"MontaVista has always been a major contributor to the Linux community. Sponsoring and launching Meld last year was another step in our community commitment and the launch of Meld 2.0 continues and extends that commitment," said Art Landro, president of MontaVista. "An active, dedicated community for embedded Linux developers strengthens the entire community. If you aren't already a member of Meld, we encourage you to join the conversation today!"

Users of Meld have been spotlighted within the community since it's inception. Quotes from developers active within Meld include:

"I think it is hard to compare Meld to other communities. Meld is just specialized on embedded Linux, which is great. You don't have to Google around. You get it all in one place..."

"As an embedded developer for a small team and having to wear several hats, Linux development is a portion of my responsibilities. The Meld community has become my first resource for finding answers..."

"Melders 'speak my language' more than other Linux forums I've visited. So when I have a problem, there's sure to be somebody to offer a useful answer..."

"Meld reminds me of the kind of community that we used to have back when the Internet was still young. A group of folks with common interests."

Meld 2.0 is being rolled out on the Drupal open source content management platform, adding new functionality and improved ease of use, and providing an extensible platform that will allow Meld to continue to add new features that benefit the entire community. By moving Meld to a Drupal based infrastructure, the broad range of functionality offered by the open source community is fully available to Meld, allowing new functionality to be easily added. Some of the new and planned features for Meld 2.0 include:

  • - a new, more descriptive URL for the community emphasizing Meld's independence and open nature
  • Rich Text Editing- allows for a broader range of formatting options when posting comments in discussion threads, and for properly formatted code examples to be submitted.
  • OpenID Integration - support for the open source OpenID login system allowing Meld users to unify their login information with other online communities
  • Drupal Support - embracing Drupal as the underlying infrastructure, making the Meld community all open source
  • File Sharing - better file sharing through Drupal modules & roles

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Key Points:

  • An active community dedicated to all developers of embedded Linux devices
  • Open to anyone using any Linux distribution and development tools for embedded device development
  • Rapid growth to almost 2000 members and 500 discussions in only 18 months since the inaugural launch
  • Meld 2.0 is built on Drupal, a leading open source content management infrastructure providing a broad array of available features
  • OpenID support allows for unified login with other web communities
  • Continues the MontaVista commitment to support the open source community and technologies

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