MontaVista Software Launches DevRocket 6.1 Integrated IDE for
Embedded Linux Development

Newest release of the Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) provides embedded Linux platform and application developers the tools required to deliver innovative products to market

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - July 22, 2010 - MontaVista® Software, LLC, a leader in embedded Linux® commercialization, today announced DevRocket 6.1, the newest release of the Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) for embedded Linux platform and application development. DevRocket 6.1 continues the move to source based development model introduced in MontaVista Linux 6 by adding tight integration and a graphical interface to the MontaVista Integration Platform along with enhanced analysis and debugging tools to speed development time.

With the pressure to decrease product development lifecycles, often with fewer resources, the challenges faced by embedded Linux developers have never been greater. DevRocket 6.1 addresses these challenges by exposing the download and build functionality of the MontaVista Integration Platform through the DevRocket graphical user interface (GUI), giving platform developers the tools they need to browse, customize, and build market specific distributions (MSDs) in an easy to use, interface. Filesystems, mount points, and other aspects of the system image can be easily configured via the GUI. Application developers can compile, and build applications, integrating the application code directly into the system image build, providing a common, integrated development environment across the organization. DevRocket gives developers the ability to maintain the quality, control, and consistency they require when building custom Linux distributions to deliver new commercial-ready devices to market.

Introduced as part of MontaVista Linux 6, the MontaVista Integration Platform is built on open source technology, and allows developers to customize their software distribution, while maintaining control over the build process. Developers can fetch and integrate code from other team members, outside vendors, or the broader open source community. Previously only accessible from the command line, the tighter integration with DevRocket lets developers build all target-installed software from source – in an Eclipse-based graphical environment – and create multiple, reproducible build configurations, or perform incremental builds as required.

Supporting Quotes:
"The latest release of DevRocket continues our commitment to provide innovative, easy to use tools for developers using MontaVista Linux," said Nick Pollitt, Senior Product Manager, MontaVista Software. "As the complexity of embedded Linux devices increases and the number of sources for open source software grow, DevRocket provides developers the flexibility and control they require to deliver innovative new products that are uniquely tailored to their target market."

Key Points:

  • DevRocket is the MontaVista Linux integrated development environment (IDE) for platform and application development.
  • DevRocket 6.1 is the latest release and adds tighter integration and a graphical user interface to the MontaVista Integration Platform (MVIP), introduced last year.
  • DevRocket is provided as a set of plug-ins for the Eclipse framework.
  • From within DevRocket, platform developers can browse a complete list of available MSD's and download the source directly from the MontaVista Zone Content Server.
  • Platform developers can build and customize Linux distributions, adding additional packages from other sources, all within the DevRocket GUI
  • Filesystems, mount points, and other aspects of system images can be configured via the DevRocket GUI
  • Application developers can build, customize, and analyze application performance and memory usage in the DevRocket GUI.
  • Application Code can be integrated directly into the system image build

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