MontaVista Software Announces New Rapid Deployment Program for Android

Rapid deployment program provides reference platforms for Texas Instruments and MIPS processors, an Automated Test and Validation Suite, and full commercialization services for Android-based devices

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - April 27, 2010 - MontaVista® Software, LLC, a leader in embedded Linux® commercialization today announced a new rapid deployment program for Android™ that delivers commercial quality Android reference platforms for Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) and MIPS processors, an Automated Test and Validation Suite (ATVS), and expands their existing commercialization services for Android. This new program is targeted at customers designing consumer devices ranging from Smartphones, set-top boxes, Digital TVs (DTV), IPTVs, Internet connected TVs, eReaders and eBooks, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems, and other connected devices.

The use of Android as a complete software solution has expanded rapidly from Smartphones and mobile internet devices (MIDs) into all types of devices. This broader adoption has created the need for tools and solutions, combined with MontaVista commercial quality Linux to simplify and speed the development of Android-based devices. The new MontaVista program helps customers developing Android-based products reduce their time to market, while improving overall product quality, and lowering development costs. For customers using Android in other areas it provides additional benefits not found in the standard Android framework, for example integrated IPTV, DTV, and video on-demand (VOD) engines for digital media applications.

"Paired with TI's OMAP™ processors, Android is a great platform for the new generation of connected devices," said Fred Cohen, director of OMAP wireless ecosystem, wireless business unit, TI. "Though Android's complexity can present challenges in getting started, the reference platforms, test suites, and services offered as part of the MontaVista rapid deployment program ease this process for our OMAP customers. Together we can jump start development efforts to deliver game-changing products at a faster rate."

"We are pleased that MontaVista is supporting Android on MIPS development with its new rapid deployment program," said Art Swift, vice president of marketing, MIPS Technologies, Inc. "We see more and more customers turning to the Android platform to speed time-to-market and cut development costs for their new MIPS-based digital home and mobile devices. An offering like this from MontaVista has the potential to add great value for those customers as they begin their development efforts."

Android offers a feature-rich, complex software framework. To fully leverage Android however, it has to be ported onto new, custom hardware platforms and this requires strong knowledge of the Linux kernel and firmware, porting of the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), and detailed knowledge of devices such as Wi-Fi, GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G, Bluetooth® technologies, GPS, WiMax, camera, audio, graphics, and multimedia.

The new rapid deployment program consists of three key components:

  • Commercial quality Android software reference platforms for TI's OMAP-3430 and OMAP-3630 processors, and MIPS-based processors
  • The Automated Test and Validation Suite (ATVS)
  • Complete Android commercialization services.

Reference Platforms - Reference platforms are designed to provide customers a commercial quality, complete software stack to begin their development efforts. Built leveraging MontaVista's experience in commercial quality Linux, reference platforms include:

  • A Linux port to the selected hardware platform
  • Support for all on-chip SoC devices including video acceleration, graphics acceleration, etc.
  • Drivers for Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi, and other peripherals
  • Complete integration of the HAL to work with the Android framework
  • Detailed test and quality assurance reports for the entire system
  • First available reference platforms are the TI OMAP-3430 and OMAP-3630 processors, and MIPS-based processors

Automated Test and Validation Suite - The existing Android Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) only offers tests cases for the Android framework. The ATVS extends what CTS offers by providing a set of test cases for the HAL and the Linux layers to provide a complete test and QA solution for the entire system. Some of the key features of ATVS are:

  • System wide testing from the Linux kernel to the applications layer
  • A set of over 3000 manual and automated tests cases
  • Incorporates CTS test cases along with other community test solutions
  • Easy to use graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Benchmarking tools for performance testing and measurements
  • Comprehensive and detailed diagnostics and reporting

Commercialization Services - MontaVista can deliver the complete Android software solution for customers, or provide specific expertise at any level of the software stack. With more than 10 years in embedded Linux, our experience with the Linux kernel and firmware can help deliver hardware ports quickly and efficiently. Adding advanced technology such as telephony, graphics, multimedia, and connectivity is simplified based on years of experience supporting a broad range of devices. And finally performance and device optimization can be done to get the most out of new devices.

"MontaVista is committed to helping our customers deliver the best products to market. This new program continues that commitment, delivering an unmatched combination of software, testing and support, and professional services for Android", said Art Landro, president at MontaVista Software. "Coupled with MontaVista's renowned high quality commercial quality embedded Linux, our new rapid deployment program can cut months off the time required to deliver an Android-based device to market in addition to helping improve overall product quality, providing great value to our customers."

MontaVista Software will be showing components of the new program in booth #2222 at the ESC Silicon Valley event at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA from April 27th to 29th.

Key Points:

  • The rapid deployment program for Android provides commercial quality reference platforms, an Automated Test and Validation Suite (ATVS) , and professional services
  • The new program can reduce time to market for Android devices by months
  • First reference platforms are TI's OMAP-3430 and OMAP-3630, and MIPS-based processors
  • The ATVS provides detailed test and benchmark results
  • Commercialization services are based on MontaVista's long experience delivering commercial quality Linux solutions for multiple platforms

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