MontaVista selected to provide smartphone building blocks to designer of Italy's most advanced handsets

ENTEOS, supplier of leading-edge handset designs to network operators and OEMs, depends on MontaVista software and tools to get to market rapidly with sophisticated features such as Wi-Fi and high-speed internet connectivity

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 14, 2007 – MontaVista® Software has strengthened its position as the leading provider of Linux for intelligent devices and communications infrastructure with the development of new advanced smartphones set to be released in Italy.  

The two new smartphones, the iGO730 and the LinAP, have been designed by Italian manufacturer Enteos, a specialist in the development of advanced mobile handsets. Enteos, a supplier of handsets to OEMs and to network operators such as Italian market leader TIM, expects the products to attract business customers who require mobile broadband, e-mail and office productivity applications.

Enteos' products typically incorporate features or functionality that manufacturers of mainstream handsets have not yet widely adopted. The new phones combine 3G, Wi-Fi and VoIP capability. This combination of advanced functions requires a highly stable software platform that is scalable and enables easy application development.

MontaVista, which counts leading handset vendors such as Motorola, Panasonic, LG and NEC as customers, is the most widely used provider of Linux software to the mobile telephony market, and the fastest growing commercial operating system (OS) provider in that market. Enteos chose MontaVista Linux Consumer Edition ahead of the handset OS offerings from Symbian and Microsoft because it allows the easy porting of application code from multiple different application developers and service providers.

Bill Seawick, Chief Marketing Officer at MontaVista, said that the company was now being accepted by the mobile telephony market as the mainstream choice for Linux software and tools. He said: 'Symbian and Microsoft clearly have their adherents, but the whole of the embedded world is moving towards Linux, and mobile devices are no different. MontaVista is at the epicentre of that move towards an open, scalable, real-time platform.'

Massimo Zanzi, CEO of Enteos, said: 'The advantage with MontaVista is that you get an open platform - because it is an open-source product - that is also scalable. Our handsets, which use the powerful i.MX21 processor from Freescale Semiconductor, are leading-edge products; they offer an incredibly demanding combination of features.

'To have such advanced features running simultaneously, without failing and without costing the mobile operator money in downtime, you need an absolutely solid platform. That's what you get with MontaVista Linux, with the added benefit that you can modify the kernel at will to optimise applications ported from application developers and other mobile operators.'

Examples of the applications ported to the MontaVista platform include Enteos' own Wireless Telephony Manager (WTM), a software module that acts as an interface between applications and the device's telephony engine. Because MontaVista Linux is an open-source product, Enteos was able to choose the way WTM would link to the OS. In doing the same with Windows Mobile or Symbian, it would have been forced to follow Microsoft's or Symbian's protocols. This would have made it much more difficult, and much more time-consuming, to get the same WTM functionality.

Massimo Zanzi said: 'We are completely happy, both with MontaVista's product's performance and with the support that the company has provided.'

About MontaVista Software
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Enteos is an Italian high-technoloogy company providing advanced and flexible mobile platforms, solutions and systems for wireless products. Enteos is able to provide to operators, OEMs and other platform adopters a complete solution through its customisation services and the manufacturing capabilities provided by its industrial partner.

Constant innovation and upgrades of its 'EMIC' open platform are key elements of Enteos' strategy to keep pace with the fast evolution of wireless technologies and market requirements. Its innovative Linux OS-based smartphone platform supporting GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WiFi b/g/i/e/VOIP is available for demonstration. For more information, please visit

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