MontaVista Remains a Top Contributor to Linux Kernel Development

Recently published Linux Foundation report lists MontaVista in the top 15 corporate contributors to
Linux kernel development

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - December 15, 2010 - MontaVista® Software, LLC, a leader in embedded Linux® commercialization, again ranks in the top 15 corporate contributors to the Linux kernel, alongside more than 6100 other community supporters as reported by the Linux Foundation in its recent report, Linux Kernel Development. The report indicates that MontaVista, the first company to deliver a commercial quality embedded Linux, has contributed more than 1,800 changes to the kernel. MontaVista is the only commercial embedded Linux vendor to rank this high in the report. Other top contributors mentioned in the report include Red Hat, IBM, HP, Google, and Oracle.

The report also confirms the increasing presence of Linux in the embedded market. According to the report, "…rise in development of Linux sponsored by embedded/mobile companies and their suppliers reflects the increasing importance of Linux in those markets." Linux has become the preferred choice for new embedded designs over legacy and proprietary operating systems.

Supporting Quotes:
"Since our founding, MontaVista has always placed a strong emphasis on contributing to the open source community and supporting continued innovation and development in Linux. Linux has proven itself as a viable embedded operating system, and a real alternative to proprietary RTOS solutions," said Jim Ready, CTO and Founder at MontaVista. "Over the past 10 years we've contributed to the kernel in many different areas such as power management, real-time capabilities, architecture support, high performance applications, and others. We look forward to continuing our work with the entire Linux community to advance the development and capabilities of embedded Linux."

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Summary of MontaVista's Key Kernel Contributions:

  • MontaVista first started contributing to the kernel codeline in 2000
  • Has consistently ranked in the top contributors since the Linux Foundation report was begun
  • Significant contributions to enabling broad hardware support in the Linux kernel, particularly in Power PC, ARM, and MIPS
  • High number of contributions to various driver subsystems including IDE, i2c, USB, and networking among others
  • Based on the report, MontaVista has submitted over 1800 kernel changes, far more than any other commercial embedded Linux vendor

About MontaVista Software
MontaVista Software, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cavium Networks (NASDAQ: CAVM), is a leader in embedded Linux commercialization. For over 10 years, MontaVista has been helping embedded developers get the most out of open source by adding commercial quality, integration, hardware enablement, expert support, and the resources of the MontaVista development community. Because MontaVista customers enjoy faster time to market, more competitive device functionality, and lower total cost, more devices have been deployed with MontaVista than with any other Linux. To learn more, please visit



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