MontaVista launches a Linux® Migration Program for Windows® Embedded and Windows® CE Users


MontaVista Software LLC announces a program to facilitate migration from Windows® Embedded and Windows® CE to Linux® distribution. The offering is based on MontaVista’s Carrier-Grade Linux-based CGX platform that includes a set of migration-ready components and features.


Santa Clara, CA, February 13, 2020 –– MontaVista® Software, LLC, a leader in commercial Embedded Linux® products and services, today announced that MontaVista’s Carrier Grade eXpress (CGX) will include features allowing effortless migration from both Windows® Embedded and Windows® CE.  MontaVista will also offer professional services to assist in such migration from a Windows® platform to CGX.  As CGX’s product lifecycle is 10+ years, Windows embedded developers can now seamlessly migrate to CGX and be assured of long platform support.

Embedded developers utilizing Windows have benefited from a feature-rich application framework to create medical, retail, and industrial solutions. Specifically, networking, connectivity, and media middleware have been the integral parts of Windows embedded applications.  In addition, they have been able to customize the platform to meet their footprint size, features, and hardware requirements. These features are core to CGX platform:

1)         Real-time

2)         Application Frameworks

3)         Connectivity and Media

4)         Footprint

5)         Hardware and Embedded Board support

The MontaVista CGX platform is available now for migration projects, with more advanced adaptation-specific features being added in first half of 2020. Further, MontaVista plan to launch technical documentation and a commercial package to assist customers who are interested in migrating from Windows® platforms to CGX.


Supporting Quotes:

"We see an emerging demand from the market to offer solutions based on Linux and open source platforms. Customers want to take advantage of a world class developer community, long term support, and a pervasive ecosystem. Our CGX product offers the best of both worlds in terms of the openness and freedom of innovation that an open-source based OS provides, and the stability and guaranteed long term support that are available from a commercial vendor,” said Iisko Lappalainen, Director of Product Management at MontaVista Software LLC. “We’re very excited to launch this program and invite Windows® users to take advantage of embedded Linux and it’s ecosystem.”

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