Automotive Grade Linux Announces Chinese Automaker

SAIC Motor as a New Member


German Autolabs, KPIT, MontaVista, OTAinfo, OUTCERT and Ovo also join AGL


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SAN FRANCISCO, October 10, 2019 -- Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), a collaborative cross-industry effort developing an open source platform for connected car technologies, announces seven new members. SAIC Motor has joined as a Silver member, and German Autolabs, KPIT, MontaVista, OTAinfo, OUTCERT and Ovo Automotive join as Bronze members.


“We are excited to welcome SAIC Motor as our first car manufacturer from China. This will allow us to expand our global ecosystem into the Chinese and Asian markets” said Dan Cauchy, Executive Director of Automotive Grade Linux at the Linux Foundation. “AGL now has the support of 11 automakers which account for approximately sixty percent of worldwide annual vehicle shipments. We look forward to working with SAIC and all of our other new members as we continue to expand the AGL platform to support new mobility solutions and connected car applications.”


AGL is an open source project at the Linux Foundation that is bringing together automakers, suppliers and technology companies to accelerate the development and adoption of a fully open, shared software platform for all technology in the vehicle, from infotainment to autonomous driving. Sharing a single software platform across the industry reduces fragmentation and accelerates time-to-market by encouraging the growth of a global ecosystem of developers and application providers that can build a product once and have it work for multiple automakers.


Automotive Grade Linux members will come together for the bi-annual AGL All Member Meeting on October 22-23, 2019, in Monte Carlo, Monaco to learn about the latest developments, share best practices and collaborate to drive rapid innovation across the industry. The meeting is open to all current AGL members. Details and registration information can be found here


New Member Quotes:


German Autolabs

"German Autolabs is a pioneer in Automotive Voice Assistance,” said Holger G. Weiss, co-founder and CEO of German Autolabs. "Our full-stack conversational assistance solution is fully offline-capable and provides customizable white-label VPA technology solutions for Automotive OEM and fleet operators. Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) as a standardized operating system provides a reliable and customer agnostic framework for our embedded stack. We plan to contribute to Speech, Connectivity, Navi and UI/Graphics expert groups.” 



“We believe in Reimagining Mobility for creating a cleaner, smarter & safer world, and connected vehicles play a central role in our vision,” said Anup Sable, CTO, KPIT Technologies Ltd. “We have been working closely with several carmakers over the last decade, and our Linux based infotainment platform is part of millions of vehicles. We are proud to be part of the AGL community and the Linux Foundation, where we can contribute our expertise in infotainment, Linux, cybersecurity, clusters and connectivity.”



“MontaVista Software is the worldwide leader in developing, deploying and supporting commercial and industrial embedded Linux solutions and services, and we are excited about joining the AGL Community,” states Ravi Gupta, MontaVista Software’s CEO. “As the next generation vehicles become more software oriented, ensuring the quality and reliability of that software is absolutely critical to the safety and security of transportation for decades to come. Our goal is to contribute to the AGL Community in developing new features and technologies, and as well as the long term support strategy for these complex systems.” 



"We built a technology education platform whose foundations rely on collaboration with organizations in a very broad spectrum. Linux and Open Source technologies have disrupted each and every segment covered in that spectrum," said Lital Shoshan Idel, CEO at OUTCERT. "We foresee significant upskilling in the automotive workforce as it embraces rapid adoption of emerging technologies."


Ovo Automotive

“Ovo delivers virtualized Android apps to connected vehicles directly from the cloud, providing OEMs, dealers, and fleet owners full control over the screens of their vehicles by choosing the Android apps to run,'' said Dr. Gilad Zlotkin, CEO and Co-founder at Ovo Automotive. “We believe that openness is one of the greatest drivers of innovation and we see value in bringing the Android apps ecosystem into AGL. Being a proactive member of Automotive Grade Linux will enable us to better serve our clients.”



“In recent years, SAIC aims at the new trend of the development of the automobile industry -- electrification, intelligent network connection, sharing and internationalization. In the future, SAIC will take intelligent network-based cars, smart travel solutions and intelligent manufacturing as an important starting point to explore and practice the broader and deeper integration of big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence with the automobile industry, and contribute to the acceleration of transformation and upgrading of China’s automobile industry,” said Chen Hong, CEO of SAIC MOTOR. “Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) is the

only organization addressing all software in the car, including Infotainment, Instrument Cluster, HUD, ADAS, Function safety and Autonomous Driving,which will help us to achieve the goal promptly.”





About Automotive Grade Linux (AGL)

Automotive Grade Linux is a collaborative open source project that is bringing together automakers, suppliers and technology companies to accelerate the development and adoption of a fully open software stack for the connected car. With Linux at its core, AGL is developing an open platform from the ground up that can serve as the de facto industry standard to enable rapid development of new features and technologies. Although initially focused on In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI), AGL is the only organization planning to address all software in the vehicle, including instrument cluster, heads up display, telematics, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving. The AGL platform is available to all, and anyone can participate in its development. Automotive Grade Linux is hosted at the Linux Foundation. Learn more at


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