MontaVista Announces New Release of its Automotive Technology Platform and is Declared Compliant to the New GENIVI 2.0 Specification

MontaVista Automotive Technology Platform 2.0 Enhanced Security and Other Key Features and Added the New GENIVI 2.0 Specification Requirements

San Jose, Calif. – May 25, 2012 – MontaVista® Software LLC., today announced the release of MontaVista Automotive Technology Platform (ATP) 2.0 and that it has been declared compliant to the new GENIVI Specification version 2.0 by the GENIVI Alliance. The MontaVista Automotive Technology Platform enables automotive manufactures and tier‐1 suppliers to build powerful in‐vehicleinfotainment (IVI) systems while significantly accelerating time‐to‐market and lowering development costs of innovative new features.

Some of the key components of MontaVista Automotive Technology Platform are:

  • Linux‐based, GENIVI Compliant platform with fast boot/start up, high performance, power management and security options built in
  • Advanced Security capabilities with support for SELinux
  • MontaVista Linux Containers providing isolated virtualized container environments
  • Comprehensive networking and internet support
  • Multimedia capabilities for audio and video requirements
  • Integration for consumer devices via Bluetooth or APIs
  • Vendor specific UI customization
  • Fully integrated tool set for application development

With this second release of the GENIVI Compliance Specification, GENIVI continues to advance and better define the requirements for IVI reference platforms. The 2.0 specification delivers an evolution of specific APIs improving multiple areas such as Location Based Services and System Infrastructure requirements along with adding new definitions of components and improved definitions for persistency, lifecycle and user management.

The key enhancements in the Systems Infrastructure are centered on the Audio Manager, Display Layer Manager and the standardization of system startup processes with systemD. systemD is a system initialization and service manager for Linux, that provides a standardized process for fast start up and management of snapshotting and restoration when vehicles are started and stopped.

MontaVista’s Automotive Technology Platform 2.0 supports hardware boards from leading semiconductor providers and has been declared GENIVI 2.0 Compliant across one of the widest range of leading automotive‐specific platforms, namely:

  • Renesas R‐Car H1 (Marzen)
  • Freescale i.mx6q Sabre‐light
  • Freescale i.mx53 Sabre
  • Freescale i.mx53 QSB
  • Intel Atom Crossville

"The release of MontaVista ATP 2.0 is part of our ongoing support for high quality, high performance, Linux‐based software solutions for the automotive industry. MontaVista’s ATP is an excellent starting point for production quality IVI projects," said Dan Cauchy, Vice President and General Manager, Automotive Business Unit for MontaVista Software and Compliance Team Lead at GENIVI Alliance. “Not only is MontaVista one of the first companies to announce compliance to the new GENIVI 2.0 specification, with this new release, we offer one of the widest range of automotive‐specific hardware platform support to be compliant to GENIVI 2.0.“

General availability of MontaVista ATP 2.0 will begin June, 2012.

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