MontaVista Announces MVSecure: Security Configuration Services Across all Linux Platforms

MontaVista extends its core security related professional services into a new productized service offering, MVSecure. Customers can now get access to MontaVista’s extensive expertise for configuring Linux platforms for secure deployment designed to their specific use-case regardless of the Linux platform.


San Jose, CA, November 1, 2022 –– MontaVista® Software, LLC, a leader in commercial Embedded Linux® products and engineering services, is announcing MVSecure to address the growing need of security across the Linux space.

While targeting primarily embedded platforms, where MontaVista is particularly strong, MVSecure services are available to customers on any Linux platform since many of the security configuration tasks are generic across Linux systems. This strategy is further complemented by the success of MontaVista’s MVShield offerings, and building on MonaVista deep expertise of embedded systems, and by applying the same principles it to enterprise environment.

MVSecure services typically follow a process:

  1. Review the customer’s use-case and explicit security requirements placed on the platform
  2. Derive and plan a security threat analysis model that provides a prioritized set of security controls for the best return on investment, considering the criticality of the customers’ application
  3. Implement the security controls based on the customer’s feedback
  4. Provide maintenance and support services that maintain and manage the controls implemented

Examples of areas MVSecure addresses are systems that need specific security features such as Secure Boot, run-time integrity management, certificate storage and PKI system configuration, production line security process implementation, SELinux, ARM TrustZone, or TPM setup. MVSecure also addresses configuration-specific standards such as Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG), IOTSF, or other domain-specific or internal corporate security directives.

Specifically, MVSecure also addresses certification programs that provide a more holistic view on the product’s security and lead to specific certification, such as Common Criteria or different variants of ISO.

MVSecure is usually deployed together with other MontaVista products, like CGX or MVShield, and other supporting services, but is also offered as a stand-alone service.

MVSecure is available to customers immediately: Learn more


Supporting Quotes:

“We have been helping our customers with security since the inception of MontaVista, and now we believe we should open the doors for customers to gain from our security expertise across various Linux distributions,” said Ravi Gupta, President and CEO of MontaVista Software. “We truly believe MVSecure will provide an excellent baseline process for all product programs across globe where security is critical. We welcome customers to join us in this journey to make Linux more secure.”

MontaVista is inviting interested parties to contact MontaVista at and/or visit for more information.