Santa Clara, CA, October 21, 2021 –– MontaVista® Software, LLC, a leader in commercial Embedded Linux® products and services, today announced that several Tier1 customers across the enterprise markets serviced by MontaVista, have selected MVShield because of its capabilities to offer Long-Term Support for CentOS with telecom grade features such as redundancy, high availability and high throughput with low latency.

MVShield for CentOS allows customers to freeze the CentOS branch they are using. It is best suited for customers who utilize CentOS in markets like network and wireless infrastructure, medical, and aerospace & defense. For such companies, having a stable, frozen development environment enables them to maintain product integrity, build a solid, secure, product by incorporating CVEs and meet their product deadlines – all crucial to customer success.  In addition, MVShield customers using SLAs can get access to MontaVista’s deep expertise to help troubleshoot and quickly triage hard to diagnose issues.  This reduces time to fix drastically and helps boost customer satisfaction, especially when faced with critical crashes and hangs that do not have a clear way to reproduce. 

Unique to MontaVista MVShield, the program specifically allows customers the flexibility to add components and packages on top of the baseline derived from the CentOS Linux community, such as modules from other open-source repositories and even optimizations leveraging MontaVista’s unique position in the embedded community. This provides a highly competitive combination of excellence from both the embedded and enterprise Linux realms.

Supporting Quotes:

“We are delighted our long-term customers have selected MontaVista for such key platforms,” said Magnus Nemell, Global Account Manager at MontaVista. “The selection of MontaVista MVShield for their upcoming products sends a clear message to our customers,  emphasizing  MontaVista is a supplier you can trust. It also establishes that the MVShield platform provides an excellent value proposition on top of the baseline CentOS  and Rocky distributions.”

MontaVista is inviting interested parties to contact MontaVista at and/or visit for more information.