Hard Hat Journeyman Edition First Embedded Linux with Mass Distribution

EDN Magazine distributes 138,000 copies of MontaVista Software embedded Linux tool kit with June 2000 issue

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - June 26, 2000 - MontaVista, Inc., developer of the Hard Hat™ Linux operating system for embedded applications, today celebrated the release of Hard Hat Linux, Journeyman Edition, a special distribution of the company's embedded Linux Cross Development Kit to accompany the June issue and cover story of EDN Magazine. The cover story, entitled "Linux strafes the embedded landscape", details how mainstream Linux functionality and ubiquitous 32-bit CPU technology are challenging the status quo in embedded systems design.

"Linux's recent popularity coincides with a fundamental change in the embedded-system landscape," comments Warren Web, EDN technical editor and cover story author. "For years, designers have struggled with under-powered, stand-alone CPUs. Now, the cost of 32-bit processors has fallen to the point at which designers can consider them for all but the simplest applications."

MontaVista, with its comprehensive support for 32-bit processors, including PowerPC, x86/Pentium, MIPS, and StrongARM, and its unequaled embedded and real-time expertise, was a natural choice to partner with EDN for its embedded Linux feature.

"When EDN selected MontaVista to provide a companion Linux CD for the June issue, MontaVista put together a team of engineering, QA, and marketing staffers to meet the challenge - to provide 138,000 copies of a functional, easy-to-use embedded Linux demonstration and distribution," relates Jim Ready, embedded industry pioneer and MontaVista CEO/president. "The Hard Hat Linux Journeyman Edition, produced in under 45 days, features fully-functional cross development kits for embedded Linux, targeting Intel x86 and PowerPC processors from desktop Linux and Windows host platforms."

The Journeyman CD also includes documentation and cross development demos that produce bootable diskettes and binary images to highlight cross development, the Microwindows GUI, the MontaVista real-time scheduler, and fully functional embedded Linux systems on embedded PC platforms and on the Embedded Planet PowerPC processor-based RPXlite board.


The June 2000 issue of EDN Magazine is available at your local newsstand local newsstand, or visit the EDN web site at http://www.ednmag.com/ednmag/reg/2000/06222000/13cs.htm to read the story on-line. To request additional CDs or to comment on Hard Hat Linux Journeyman Edition, visit the MontaVista web site at http://www.mvista.com/journeyman/.

About MontaVista Software, Inc.

MontaVista Software Inc., founded in 1999 by real-time operating system pioneer James Ready, delivers open-source software solutions for the worldwide embedded software market. MontaVista's principal offering is the Linux operating system tailored for embedded software applications. MontaVista products include Hard Hat™ Linux, a standard off-the-shelf binary distribution of Linux for x86, PowerPC, StrongARM, MIPS and other microprocessor architectures. Hard Hat Linux offers developers a mix of open, standard APIs, and powerful open source solutions for embedded design -- including the MontaVista real-time scheduler and Hard Hat Net CompactPCI back-plane networking. Hard Hat Linux is supported by a comprehensive tool suite including optimizing compilers for C, C++ and other languages; high-level language debuggers; and performance monitoring tools. The company's Subscription Plans also provide Linux support, porting and customization services to customers worldwide.

MontaVista headquarters are in Sunnyvale, Calif., in the heart of the Silicon Valley. For more information about Hard Hat Linux and MontaVista Software Inc., please call 408-328-9200 or visit the MontaVista web site - www.mvista.com.

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Hard Hat is a trademark of MontaVista Software Inc. Intel, PICA, and Pentium, Celeron are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation. All other names mentioned are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their respective companies.


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