MontaVista Linux Professional Edition:

Commercial-Grade Open Source Linux

While newer hardware platforms are now supported by MontaVista Linux 6, Professional Edition (Pro) has been deployed across a wide array of intelligent device markets, including networking and communications, instrumentation and control, aerospace and defense, SOHO devices, and medical electronics.

MontaVista Professional Edition addresses the twin challenges faced by product teams selecting a development environment: speed and control. An integrated, pre-tested environment, MontaVista Linux Professional Edition can be installed quickly and developers can be up and running right away.

Complete Development Platform — everything needed to build a platform or application for intelligent devices
Linux Support Package (LSP)
Board support package including everything needed to support a wide range of hardware platforms, including x86, ARM, MIPS, XScale, and PPC.
Preconfigured and tested library of application packages such as Apache, FTP, and SSH, to support virtually any development need.
Pre-Tested Drivers
A complete set of pre-built and tested drivers for a wide variety of hardware, down to the individual chipset level.
Development Environment
State-of-the-Art Developer Tools, Eclipse-based environment for both platform and application developers.