MontaVista Linux 6

The New Approach to Embedded Linux Development

MontaVista Linux 6 meets embedded developers where they are in the development cycle with a complete embedded Linux distribution and developer tools for a faster time to development. With Market Specific Distributions, the MontaVista Integration Platform and unprecedented flexibility in a commercial solution, MontaVista Linux 6 enables developers to build from source to more easily customize their software stack and add product-differentiating features.

The Challenges of Working with Open Source Software

MontaVista Linux 6 helps developers tackle the most common, and difficult embedded Linux challenges, including wasting valuable time getting hardware up and running, managing the constantly changing open source landscape, and finding the right information to get the job done in an overwhelming amount of data available.

Wasted time

In the face of decreasing product development lifecycles, systems developers waste valuable time experimenting with alternative solutions including semiconductor Linux technology or working directly with open source software. Merely getting up and running is a challenge due to the amount of work required to integrate open source software, enable hardware, boot up systems and enable features.

One way path: No turning back

Semiconductor vendors have developed Linux technology to enable their hardware feature set. Yet systems developers spend valuable development cycles enabling and customizing the final hardware, and integrating other software and tools. Designers find themselves constrained, locked into early software choices, unable to fully leverage the power of the open source community, and without the right tools to customize the software to their specific application requirements.

Overwhelming amount of data

Finally, embedded Linux development is information intensive and finding assistance from documents, the Internet, or software experts who can help answer specific hardware and software questions is a challenge in itself.

MontaVista Linux 6

MontaVista Linux 6 is a new approach to embedded Linux development that helps developers deliver commercial-ready devices faster:

The MSD saves time by providing all necessary software to get up-and-running immediately while the SDK's Integration Platform allows developers to easily extend and customize their software stack, fully leveraging the open source community while maintaining control over the build process.

Faster Time-To-Development

MontaVista Linux 6 provides a complete embedded Linux distribution and tools so systems developers can be up and running sooner and focus on product-differentiating features. Using the de-facto standard open source build system, developers can leverage their existing work and move to MontaVista Linux 6 with the assurance of feature compatibility and a clear migration path. MontaVista Linux 6 makes it easy to relocate and maintain local build environments in order to get teams developing sooner, leveraging open source software, while insulating projects from community changes.

Increased Flexibility in Integration and Customization

With MontaVista Linux 6 systems developers can fetch and integrate code from other team members, internal company teams and even outside vendors including ISVs and contractors. This unprecedented flexibility in a commercial solution enables developers to more easily customize their software stacks including the kernel, device drivers, libraries and applications. Systems developers can consistently build all target software from source – with just one command – and reproduce multiple build configurations. Finally, optional pre-set features help optimize projects by minimizing file-system footprints in resource-constrained devices.

Expert Help

With MontaVista Linux 6, systems developers get support from the leader in embedded Linux commercialization and top experts in their field. While working with MontaVista, developers are sure not to be alone, but backed by over 10 years of experience. Get help from these experts via email and Web support and enjoy quick access to all software, updates, maintenance, and training required to assist delivering projects on time.

Complete Developer Toolkit

Using either command line or the included Eclipse-based MontaVista DevRocket, developers get a completely integrated set of tools including C/C++ compilers, run-time libraries, and a source- and assembly-level debugger, all optimized for specific hardware. Commonly executed commands can be automated in order to speed up development and reduce error-prone tasks. MontaVista Linux 6 takes you beyond the typical edit-compile-debug cycle and provides a full set of performance monitoring tools for profiling, memory leak detection, memory usage analysis and system and application level tracing.