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Board Support

The table below lists all Linux board support packages supported by the MontaVista Linux family of products.

Under "Platform" is listed the specific MontaVista product that supports each board. The number following the Edition refers to the generation of that product (e.g.: Version 5.0).

While the list is comprehensive it may not necessarily be complete since we are always working with our semiconductor partners on support for new boards. If you do not find the board you need support for, please contact us. Also for more information about our partners, visit our Partnering Program section.

Vendor Architecture Processor Board Name Platform Availability

*MontaVista Certified LSP: The MontaVista Certified LSP (Linux Support Package) is an LSP that was developed by a MontaVista partner and certified by MontaVista to run on MontaVista Linux. The MontaVista Certified LSP is based on a MontaVista Linux Reference LSP. Customers must obtain the MontaVista Certified LSP from the MontaVista partner. Customers may choose to purchase MontaVista Linux and tools to develop applications based on the MontaVista Certified LSP and receive support services from MontaVista based on the MontaVista Reference LSP. Customers must obtain support specific to the LSP from the MontaVista partner. MontaVista Certified LSPs may not have the same real-time modes enabled as the MontaVista Reference LSP that it is based upon.

IPP LSP: Integrated Platform Providers (IPP) are important members of the MontaVista partner eco-system. MontaVista Software empowers our Integrated Platform Providers to provide you with complete runtime target environments based on MontaVista Linux for specific hardware platforms.