MontaVista Software Announces CGX 2.6

  • CGX 2.6 is MontaVista’s 12th generation Carrier Grade Linux
  • Developers will have access to a supported Linux source distribution to create IoT, VNF, and 5G infrastructure solutions, besides general embedded products, on x86, ARM and other SoC families
  • CGX 2.6 is targeted to be Yocto 2.6 compatible with the 4.19 kernel and 8.2 GCC toolchain

Santa Clara, CA, February 26 2019 –– MontaVista® Software, LLC, a leader in commercial Embedded Linux® products and services, today announced upcoming availability of Carrier Grade eXpress (CGX) 2.6, the 12th generation Carrier Grade Linux.  Product engineering teams can quickly jumpstart their platform development with a commercial embedded Linux distribution that is easily customizable. 

IoT, Edge, and 5G Infrastructure are at the top of current development projects.  Each one, while unique in its requirements, needs a robust and secure commercial software platform.  CGX 2.6 offers market leaders ready to use embedded distributions that are supported for 10+ years across a multitude of architectures.  Key highlights and features planned to be incorporated in CGX 2.6:

  • Yocto 2.6 with Linux Long Term Support (LTS) Kernel 4.19 and GCC 8.2
  • Security: Features to enable software offline and run-time integrity, and prepare for security certifications, such as OpenSSL FIPS mode, OPTEE/Trustzone, Secure Boot
  • IoT Connectivity: Enablement for devices to connect the Next-generation networks, like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), 4G/LTE, Zigbee, LoRA, CANbus, Modbus, and Profibus
  • IoT Gateway access: Features to bridge the core network with the sensor devices on the field via known APIs, such as Amazon AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT, Google Cloud IoT and ARM mBed Client
  • Flexible and secure update: SWUpdate framework
  • Enhanced Virtualization support: Kubernetes, Checkpoint Restore in Userspace (CRIU)

“MontaVista has been an active contributor to the Open Source community since 1999.  With CGX 2.6, we continue providing a proven commercial Linux platform that is feature-rich in security, virtualization, and IoT connectivity. CGX is designed for flexibility giving a solid embedded software base that is extensible, leveraging Yocto™ to seamlessly integrate key technology packages addressing IoT, 5G and general embedded solutions across Telecom, Mil/Aero and Medical markets,” said Ravi Gupta, MontaVista President and CEO. “We know that being able to create cost-effective and disruptive solutions on real hardware helps our customers innovate quickly and grab market share.”

CGX 2.6 is targeted to be available in mid-2019 with BSPs for x86 and ARMv8 baselines with other architectures on the roadmap. As its foundation is Yocto, SoC providers can extend their embedded Linux coverage for other popular and emerging SoCs quickly.  Finally, market velocity being key with developers, CGX 2.6 enables MontaVista customers to focus effort on their application development, leaving the platform support and maintenance to MontaVista.

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