MontaVista® Software, LLC, a leader in Embedded Linux® commercialization services, today announced the general availability (GA) of MontaVista Carrier Grade eXpress (CGX) 2.0. MontaVista® CGX 2.0 enables state-of-art development across a wide array of intelligent device markets, from traditional networking and communication to Network Function Virtualization (NFV), general embedded and industrial control to Internet of Things (IoT).

MontaVista plans to follow a rapid release cadence to better align with latest Yocto® releases for the CGX product family, enabling adoption of newer Long Term Support (LTS) Kernels, tool-chains, and emerging market technologies on a yearly basis. CGX 2.0 incorporates Yocto 2.0, the LTS 4.1 Linux kernel, and GCC 5.2 initially supporting ARM (v7/v8) and x86 (32/64) SoCs (with MIPS and PowerPC on roadmap).

MontaVista CGX 2.0 is packaged to address embedded developer’s requirements across various legacy and emerging markets.  CGX 2.0 base platform (called CGX Foundation) is equipped with a core feature set needed to produce a high quality embedded product.  Building on Foundation, CGX 2.0 introduces additional technology profiles for IoT, Virtualization, Security, Carrier Grade and Dataplane.  These technology profiles offer integrated and tested features needed to quickly bring to market IoT Gateways, VNFs, and robust, high uptime telecom infrastructure equipment.

“Our customers demand stable, high quality Linux distributions they can rely on to build their solution.  However, they have been asking for more immediate access to newer technology enablers, kernels, and toolchains. CGX 2.0 is expected to address these customers’ requirements on a yearly basis.”, cited Iisko Lappalainen, MontaVista Marketing and Solution Architect Senior Manager

MontaVista CGX includes new runtime components that integrate with MontaVista DevRocket, an Eclipse-based IDE with development tools that enhance productivity for both kernel level and application-level engineers. Integrated memory leak detection, performance profiling, memory usage analysis, and system tracing combine to accelerate system development and maintenance, and increase system availability. MontaVista Image Designer™ GUI simplifies the creation of the smallest and highest performance file-system. Finally, Application developers will benefit from the QEMU simulator, accelerating schedules by beginning development before real silicon platforms are available.

Accelerating product time to market while reducing total cost of ownership and increasing scalability of product requirements is what our customers demand.  CGX 2.0 is designed to deliver this and more. With CGX 2.0’s ready to use platform and long term support backed by MontaVista’s Linux expertise and Professional Services, 5G service providers, IoT Gateway manufacturers, and emerging NFV applications can now take advantage of CGX features to go to market with their solution.

MontaVista CGX 2.0 is shipping now.

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