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MontaVista Linux Professional Edition Chosen for the Thales Largo WiLi Secure Electronic Parking System

The Challenges
» To choose an OS that is based on Open Standards

» To select an OS that would have the power and generality to replace a proprietary OS based on an obsolete standard

» To select an OS that can support large, complex applications, and support significant system growth

» To leverage a commercial-grade OS that's widely used, and for which highly professional technical support is available

The Solution
» MontaVista Linux Professional Edition

The Result
» A reliable, modular, flexible product that will be the basis for Thales's parking systems for the foreseeable future

» A product based on a non-proprietary, world standard operating system

» The OS will serve as the basis for numerous other products

» Rapid development and successful installation

» More-than-adequate product performance

"We were using an in-house proprietary RTOS, based on DOS, and wanted to scale to a smaller-sized embedded operating system while retaining all existing functionalities... With MontaVista Linux, we were able to have a modern OS and integrate new functions, without requiring memory extensions or a larger processor."

Jean-Louis Olié, Chairman of Thales e-Transactions CGA S.A., the Thales Group's Transport & Services business

The Company
Thales e-Transactions CGA S.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Thales Group, provides high-performance access management systems for safe and efficient public transport. Among the types of systems offered are integrated fare collection, electronic toll collection, urban traffic management, fleet management, passenger information systems and public parking.

Product Features and Market
Largo WiLi is a secure integrated system. It is specially designed for use in public parking facilities that are integrated into larger management systems. Largo WiLi can be connected to external systems or equipment at any level of centralization. The system is scalable and modular, in order to meet customer needs; moreover, it can support a broad range of functions, including communications, thanks to its Ethernet network and its state-of-the-art operating system.

Thales is the leader in France for secure public car parking systems. Worldwide, the market for Largo WiLi is very substantial: virtually any municipality needs parking systems. This holds as well for a large number of the world's airports.

The Challenges
Largo WiLi is the successor to a legacy product that used an in-house proprietary version of DOS as its operating system. One of the main challenges was to find a modern operating system that would replace DOS without requiring more memory or other hardware changes. Furthermore, it was necessary to be able to support major system enhancements as the product evolved. Other specific challenges were:

Robustness - Failure of a control system for an unattended electronic parking system is unacceptable: It can cause chaos and be dangerous. High reliability was therefore a fundamental requirement. Furthermore, Thales established a requirement that the replacement OS must not be proprietary. In other words, a modern, standards-based OS was specified.

The Solution
MontaVista Linux Professional Edition (Pro) is a complete embedded operating system and cross development environment. Pro contains unmatched processor and board support, hundreds of deployable utilities, libraries, drivers, and other run-time components. There's much more:

Real-time Features - MontaVista Linux Preemptible Kernel technology, O(1) Real-time Scheduler, MontaVista High Resolution POSIX Timers.

Miscellaneous Features - Multi-threaded remote debugging; multi-process capability; a rich networking system and other bundled components.

Platform Support - MontaVista Linux Professional Edition supports more than 25 processors and more than 100 CPU boards, thus offering the user one of the widest ranges of supported platforms in the industry.

Development Tools - MontaVista® DevRocket® combines the portability of industry-standard Eclipse technology with the embedded systems expertise of MontaVista Software. The graphical development environment enables OEMs to accelerate the creation of Linux-based system software and applications, while optimizing performance and use of system resources.

DevRocket is a fully-graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE), providing the tools and functionality OEMs need to develop and deploy system software and applications built on award-winning MontaVista Linux® operating system technology. As supplied, DevRocket is ready to run on Windows®, Solaris® and Linux host operating systems and supports integration with third-party Eclipse-based development components.

Thales Device

MontaVista DevRocket provides sophisticated tracing capabilities, based on the Linux Trace Toolkit, for viewing, capturing and analyzing system behavior. Comprehensive logs of processor utilization and probed system and user-level events and processes ease debugging, while enabling developers to optimize multiprocess and multithreaded code. Since DevRocket is synchronized with MontaVista Linux OS technology, analysis and optimization capabilities are tightly integrated with the OS, further ensuring efficient use of system resources.

The Result
MontaVista Professional Edition was an ideal choice for Largo WiLi .

Largo WiLi is in production and routinely serving customers. Two major installations are at Charles de Gaulle Airport and Orly Airport. Other installations are in process and it is expected that Largo WiLi will become one of the leading systems of its type on a worldwide basis. MontaVista Linux Professional Edition is so well organized, so complete and so well supported that development costs were favorably affected. Performance of the Largo WiLi is excellent.

About Thales Group
Thales is a world leader in professional electronics in three key markets: aerospace, defense and information technology & services (IT&S). The Thales Group employs 63,000 people in nearly 50 countries around the world. Revenues were 10,6 billion in 2003. Thales e-Transactions CGA SA is a major player in security markets. It offers a broad range of systems and value-added services for a variety of applications, including automatic fare and toll collection; operator support; passenger information; car park management; and secure electronic transactions. Thales has a worldwide network of local facilities and an international call centre for customer care and support.

Please visit www.thales-transportservices.com