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Implementing Security in Embedded Linux Systems

While hackers had their sights on IT, embedded devices for the most part were spared. Until recently. Hackers have begun targeted more traditional embedded platforms. Ironically like in IT, fame is the initial motivator but before long financial gain and outright destruction will most likely be the end game.

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Legacy to Linux Migration: Challenges and Benefits

Migrating code to a latest version of the system software is a daunting task, even in the best case. Migrating from a legacy (usually closed source)Real Time OS to LinuxTM is arguably much moredifficult. Or is it? This paper brings out the challenges and benefits of such a move!

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User-Space Network I/O : Taking Data Path on Hyper-drive

Next generation networks are characterized by a much higher native flexibility and programmability for all non-radio network segments including SDN, NFV and IoT Networks. MontaVista continues to participate in the way networks are created and behave by providing necessary software, tools and support to help reduce Capex and improve Opex.

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