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Carrier Grade eXpress (CGX)

モンタビスタのCarrier Grade eXpress (CGX)は、通信キャリア向けの信頼性とセキュリティ、そしてサービサビリティを備え、自由なパッケージングを実現する高品質なモンタビスタLinux®の主力製品です。CGXでは、相互接続されたインテリジェント・デバイスの要求に応え、アプリケーションのポータビリティーやダイナミック・コンフィグレーション、フィールド・メンテナンス、リアルタイム性能を単一のプラットフォームで実現します。


CGXはキャリアグレード・ディストリビューションの一つです。CGL spec version 5.0に準拠しており、CGLワーキンググループが設定した可用性・保守性・パフォーマンスとセキュリティ・クラスタリング機能・標準サポートおよびハードウェア・インターフェースといったキー・クライテリアに合致しています。

CGL仕様の詳細についてはこちらからご覧いただけます。> here

MontaVista CGL registration 一覧


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Board Support & SPEED BSPs


Faster Time-To-Development - MontaVista Linux CGX offers a complete embedded Linux distribution and tools to get up and running rapidly.

Using the industry standard Yocto, leverage existing work and move to MontaVista Linux CGX with the assurance of feature compatibility and a clear migration path. CGX also offers readily available board support of leading embedded SoCs ensuring you can immediately begin development. 

Supplementing CGX development with world class support and professional services, MontaVista mitigates the schedule risk factors so you can gain competitive edge in releasing product on time.

Increased Flexibility - With unprecedented flexibility in a commercial solution, fetch and integrate code from other team members, internal company teams and outside vendors and more easily customize software, including kernel, device drivers, libraries and applications.

Rapid hardware enablement - MontaVista had been working with embedded processors since day one. 

It is our DNA and we support ARM, x86, MIPS and PowerPC by offering board support packages (BSPs) for leading reference hardware SoCs.  This also includes any necessary toolchain updates to support new processor architectures.

In addition, MontaVista can develop BSPs for custom hardware and continue to perform maintenance on it via our Board Maintenance Program (BMP).  MontaVista’s BMP will add the board to our large board farm that will continually be tested through our rigorous manual and automated testing process.

ARM has risen in popularity and adoption in embedded devices as such MontaVista has put focus and emphasis to support various ARM SoCs, such as ARM v7/v9 and ARM64 (v8).  MontaVista is a core member of the Linaro Networking Group and on the Technical Steering Committee

Market Enabling Profiles - CGX is packaged as a layered configuration of profiles with a base product "CGX Foundation" that provide an out of box Linux development enviornment with a rich set of Board Support Packages (BSPs), Userland packages and tools. CGX Foundation is Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) compliant and includes advanced Secuirty components. In addition, "Virtualization", "Datapath Acceleration" and “Internet of Things (IoT)” to meet the market applicability and customer use case for a general embedded, Carrier network appliance and/or a IoT gateway design.

Be compliant without even trying - Choosing Linux for your next generation network, IoT, or NFV project brings value from truly open source software.  

The community enables continuous development and innovation.  It also requires one to be aware and compliant to GPL, FOSS, and export laws and regulations. 

Adopting MontaVista Linux gives you peace of mind.  We indemnify our distribution and will defend you in legal actions against it.  In addition, we comply with export laws.