Phoenics Electronics is a fully franchised, technically supportive and stocking distributor of semiconductor and board level solutions. Our business model is an alternative to the approach currently implemented by the few remaining distributor players. We believe that being supplier and customer-centric helps us drive priorities; that depth of supplier knowledge yields customer confidence; and that a premier customer service experience fosters supplier and distributor loyalty.

The Phoenics model is focused upon:

Growing a supplier ecosystem that has a limited number of synergistic, complementary solutions.

Offering technical expertise to complement the OEM FAE infrastructure, support engineering development and expedite supplier time to revenue

Maintaining an easy to work with inside sales, operations and e-commerce team for a premier customer service experience

Stocking and inventorying products to ensure seamless transition from samples through production

At Phoenics, efficiency is critical. By working closely with our customer base to understand their forecasted needs, we implement a bonded inventory system allowing low cost logistical support. Further, by limiting the number of suppliers in our ecosystem we foster a better understanding of our manufacturer’s products. We can then distribute and represent our manufacturers with a high level of understanding.

Phoenics provides a knowledgeable, technically competent, inventoried and low-cost operational organization for both our Suppliers and Customers. With ten years of consistent financial and operational growth, our goal to be the logistical centerpiece for both our Customers and Suppliers is being achieved.