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MVShield for Rocky Linux

Rocky Linux is a Linux distribution developed by the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF) with a purpose of pursuing the original goals of CentOS Linux since the CentOS project moved to the upstream development model “CentOS Stream” in December 2020.

Based on the resources of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux® (RHEL), Rocky Linux is downstream and completely binary-compatible by design, providing a production-grade Linux distribution supported by a strong community. Rocky Linux has nowadays become a common choice for an open source enterprise operating system and alternative to CentOS Linux.

As a principal sponsor of the RESF, MontaVista has integrated Rocky Linux in the commercial support programs MVShield to address a wider range of project requirements with RHEL-compliant distributions such as Rocky 8.x baselines.

For further information about MVShield support programs, please visit our Product Page.

latest news from Rocky Linux

Brave New World: The Path Forward for Rocky Linux

What is the power of an open source community? It is the ability to dig deep in critical moments, to rise above and carry on. This week the greater Enterprise Linux community was gifted one such critical moment, and the Rocky Linux project has responded swiftly.

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