<p>Farbod is currently heading MontaVista&rsquo;s Global support and Customer Services. &nbsp;His responsibilities include working with broad customer base worldwide in developing, integrating and supporting MV&rsquo;s Embedded Real-Time Linux with applications across Telecom, networking, Internet of Things (IoT) and General Embedded markets.</p>

<p>Farbod joined Cavium, a parent company of MontaVista in 2012 as Engineering Director, managing Development and Quality teams for developing and testing embedded Linux based network attached software stack based on Cavium Arm SOC.</p>

<p>Before Cavium and MontaVista, Farbod worked at Seagate, Maxtor and Quantum for over 15 years.&nbsp; Farbod&rsquo;s role as a Program Manager Director was working with developers and suppliers in USA and ASIA, developing multi Bay Network attached storage products, direct attached USB, FireWire and SATA storage products.&nbsp; Farbod also managed development and release of multiple Consumer Electronic products such as HD media players with linkage to online contents.</p>

<p>Prior to Seagate, Farbod worked at IBM, Rolm Systems and 3 startup companies.</p>

<p>Farbod is holds a Master&rsquo;s degree in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University, and prior to that he completed his Electrical Engineering and Computer Science undergraduate degree from Utah State University.</p>