MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade eXpress Chosen for 5G Transport Products by a Tier 1 Telecom Vendor

  • MontaVista Software provides their Carrier Grade eXpress (CGX) 2.4 Linux for a family of 5G transport products by a Tier1 Telecom equipment provider
  • CGX 2.4 product enables 10 or more years of support, state-of-the-art security feature set, advanced connectivity and field maintainability features for the customer.
  • BSPs provided for the customer platform include architecture support for Power Architecture, ARMv7 and ARMv8.
  • The end products enable 5G low-latency, high-bandwidth networking with consistent quality and high security - requirements that are enabled from an operating system perspective by MontaVista CGX 2.4.

Santa Clara, CA, December 5, 2019 –– MontaVista® Software, LLC, a leader in commercial Embedded Linux® products and services, today announced that a Tier1 Telecom vendor has chosen MontaVista’s Carrier Grade Linux, CGX 2.4, to be used in a family of 5G transport products.

Being part of the 5G transport network, the products require very high bandwidth, low latency and high security to enable the core advantages of 5G technology to the end customers. MontaVista’s CGX 2.4 enables these through the field-proven real-time capabilities, the high-availability capabilities achieved through robust QA processes, and the continuous Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) scanning and fixing process.

 “We are very excited by the adoption of our latest CGX product by one of our long term tier1 telecom customers in a core 5G product family. The long-term support and Carrier-Grade quality assurance our CGX product provides will further accelerate the success of the customer’s innovative 5G platform” said Magnus Nemell, Director EMEA Sales, MontaVista Software. “It’s a great recognition of our values to see our CGX product chosen for this platform”.

The CGX 2.4 product is based on the Linux kernel 4.14 LTS, with a Yocto 2.4-based user-space application set, both enhanced by MontaVista for Carrier-Grade adoption.
Other key highlights of the CGX product line include:

  • Extensive Carrier-Grade feature baseline, including features for high availability, real-time responsiveness, field diagnostics and software updateability and management
  • Security profile with features such as run-time integrity management, secure boot support and SELinux mandatory access control framework.
  • Virtualization and Dataplane acceleration features, such as DPDK and Docker containers
  • IoT-specific features, like BLE and LoRA support and enablement for IoT Cloud agents like MS Azure
  • Graphics support for OpenGL accelerated graphics and frameworks like Qt

CGX 2.4 is available to customers immediately, with the upcoming CGX 2.6 version, based on Linux kernel 4.19 LTS, being targeted for customer general availability in Q3-2019.

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