Santa Clara, CA, 08 Sep 2022 –– MontaVista® Software, LLC, a leader in commercial Embedded Linux® products and services, today announced the early access availability of CGX 4.0, with General availability projected in Q4 of 2022. 

CGX 4.0 builds on the Yocto Project Long Term Support (LTS) strategy and extends the Yocto Project baseline by feature-loaded and maintained layers from MontaVista. 

The key features of the CGX 4.0 release include:
    • Support for key BSPs from semiconductor vendors: AMD, Intel, Marvell, NXP, TI, Xilinx, SiFive and Broadcom 
    • Architecture support for x86-64, ARMv7, ARMv8, PowerPC and RISC-V
    • OpenCGX ecosystem baseline that serves as the development upstream of CGX, allowing developers access to trial BSPs and free evaluation of CGX
    • Custom BSP development options, by which MontaVista can enable and support customer’s hardware platforms as part of CGX for 10 years or more
    • Pre-enabled features, as listed below, for enabling faster time-to-market and reduced risk for launching critical embedded programs

CGX 4.0 leverages a new rapid enablement model, where MontaVista builds upon the exact same BSP baselines released by our semiconductor partners as part of the Yocto project, hardens them for long-term maintenance and implements the CGX base feature set across the board support package.  With this, customers can easily shift from using the semiconductor’s default vanilla SDK to the feature-rich, tested and long term (10+ years) supported CGX.  

Examples of CGX 4.0 run-time features include:
    • Linux Kernel 5.10 LTS with Yocto 4.0 userland baseline package set, commercialized by MontaVista
    • Security: Features such as Secure/Trusted boot, run-time integrity management, cryptographic acceleration
    • Performance: Real-time latency with Linux PREEMPT-RT, optimized packet processing via DPDK/ODP
    • Field maintenance: Clustering filesystems, Kernel debugging, run-time/offline tracing
    • System Lifecycle management: Over-the-Air (OTA) update capabilities with optional integrated support with the MVEdge product, continuous CVE patch stream seamlessly delivered to the CGX SDK build system. 

CGX 4.0 is available immediately on specific BSPs and architectures with upcoming BSPs on our roadmap. Please contact a Montavista representative for details.

Supporting Quotes: 

“CGX 4.0 builds on the more than 20 years of experience developing quality embedded Linux distributions” said Iisko Lappalainen, Director of Product Management at MontaVista. “We are proud of being able to continuously improve the product and accelerate the value we bring to our customers by streamlining the BSP reuse from the Yocto community while continuing to provide very long lifecycle support options.”


MontaVista is inviting interested parties to contact MontaVista at and/or visit for more information.