MontaVista Announces Common Criteria EAL4+ Certification Readiness For Carrier Grade eXpress Linux


MontaVista targets components of CGX achieving Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 4+ certification, once again proving MontaVista’s readiness as an organization to complete Common Criteria and other security certifications.

Santa Clara, CA, November 2, 2021 –– MontaVista® Software, LLC, a leader in commercial Embedded Linux® products and engineering services, today announced the upcoming completion of a mission-critical project in the security certification-services area.

This is another important milestone in MontaVista’s over 2 decades experience in the embedded Linux space. It further establishes MontaVista’s position as a leader for security and certification services, as well as validates the maturity of MontaVista’s product development and engineering processes. MontaVista’s certification services leverages their Linux platform capabilities, as well as provide the extensive  understanding of the methodologies required to achieve complex certification programs,

In addition to its market-leading Embedded Linux products and deep technical expertise, MontaVista is offering engineering services to configure secure Linux platforms, such as MontaVista CGX, based on end customers’ security requirements. Such programs target use-case -specific deployments of the underlying operating system suitable for certification.

This combination of highly capable products and focused services allows customers to concentrate their engineering teams on core IP development while MontaVista develops and executes the certification process.

The certification programs typically involve 3rd parties such as the certificate authorities and external test facilities. When working with MontaVista, these complexities are hidden from the end customer, and the requirements and contracts can be set up with MontaVista alone – allowing a greatly simplified process leading to a certified customer product.

Supporting Quotes:

“We see increasing requirements for standardization and certification across many of our served markets,” said Iisko Lappalainen, Director of Product Management at MontaVista. “At MontaVista, we have a unique opportunity to offer a certification process to our customers that takes advantage of our decades of Linux development expertise, and the processes we have adopted during this time. Few companies can claim to have a proven market presence using embedded Linux for 20+ years. These traits have allowed us to develop a streamlined certification pipeline for our customers that provides faster time-to-market and reduced risk and complexity for achieving certification.”

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