MONTAVISTA SOFTWARE Leader in embedded Linux commercialization READ MORE READ MORE DISCOVER MVSHIELD: YOUR PATH TO CENTOS EXCELLENCE MONTAVISTA'S CONTINUED COMMITMENT TO ROCKY LINUX Are you worried about CentOS End-Of-Life? Are you new to Rocky Linux? Explore MVShield, a quality commercial support program by MontaVista that targets RHEL-compliant distributions - CentOS and Rocky Linux. The program provides full CVE maintenance coverage and run-time defect resolution using our expert resources. In addition to the ongoing release versions 8.x, MVShield also supports EOL CentOS distros such as CentOS 6 and 7. Contact us today for further information! Since April 2021, MontaVista has been a Principal Sponsor of the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation and dedicated to the Rocky Linux ecosystem. We have integrated Rocky Linux in MVShield, offering support to CentOS 8.x or Rocky 8.x baselines. Despite the recent changes to the CentOS project source distribution announced by Red Hat, MontaVista continues firm commitment to Rocky Linux, providing support for Rocky Linux 9.2 and upcoming 9.x releases.
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