Creating network equipment has become increasingly complex. These systems require multiple applications and services to run in harmony on a single device. Moreover, the pressures to bring new products to market as fast as possible – and keep costs down – require that OEMs make greater use of the existing middleware ecosystem, rather than build all aspects of the solution themselves.

MVCloud 2

MontaVista provides a path to the CentOS and Red Hat's vast middleware ecosystems for the telecom industry. With MontaVista, developers can take advantage of a broad array of middleware, products that function smoothly with the advanced carrier-grade features required for telecom and network devices.

MontaVista's expertise in embedded devices and support of an ecosystem of middleware, including databases, application servers, and virtualization frameworks, enable developers to achieve the following benefits:

  • Faster time to market: Developers can reuse field-tested components from the existing hardware and software ecosystems

  • Reduced costs: Developers can reduce deployment and runtime expense with optimized hardware components and operating system software

  • Increased feature set: Developers can combine components from the open source ecosystem with an optimized OS layer

  • Reduced risk: Developers can access field-proven solutions and modify software/hardware configurations while knowing they can retain long-term support through MontaVista