Recent Accomplishments Highlight the Success of MontaVista Linux in Extending Quality, Integration, and Speed of Development for Mobile Phone Manufacturers

More than 85 percent of LiMo mobile phones were built with MontaVista Linux

VISION 2008, SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Oct. 2, 2008 – MontaVista® Software, Inc., the leader in embedded Linux® commercialization, today revealed several developments that highlight the success of MontaVista Linux in extending quality, integration, innovative features, and speed of development for manufacturers of mobile devices. In recent months, MontaVista Linux expanded its integration with Linux-based mobile software stacks, became the first and only mobile Linux to earn IPv6 certification, collected industry awards for innovation, and powered dozens of new mobile devices, including more than 85 percent of the first mobile devices launched on the LiMo Platform.

"MontaVista is a member of the LiMo Foundation, and endorses the foundation's goal of increasing the adoption of Linux operating system software in cell phones and other mobile devices," said Joerg Bertholdt, vice president of marketing for MontaVista Software. "We are proud that out of the first 25 mobile devices that use the LiMo Platform, 22 were built with MontaVista Linux by our customers such as Motorola, NEC, and Panasonic."

"NEC has manufactured mobile phones with MontaVista Linux for years, and MontaVista and NEC both support the LiMo Platform," said Mr. Kazuo Nishidai, vice president and senior general manager, Mobile Terminals Products Development Operations Unit, NEC Corporation. "We look forward to MontaVista's continued contributions to the Linux software platform and ecosystem."

In addition to powering the lion's share of mobile phones based on the LiMo Platform, MontaVista Linux accomplished additional achievements in recent months:

  • MontaVista Linux became the only software to demonstrate support of and integration with all major Linux mobile software stacks. In addition to the LiMo Platform, these include ALP (ACCESS Linux Platform), Android, and Movial.

  • MontaVista Mobilinux became the only mobile Linux certified by the IPv6 Forum as being ready for IPv6, the successor to the current version of the Internet Protocol. IPv6 is important for the mobile industry because every mobile device requires its own IP address. The growing number of mobile devices is the force that is driving the Internet to move to IPv6. The IPv6 Forum's list of all products certified as IPv6 Ready can be found at:

  • MontaVista added support for new mobile device processors from Freescale Semiconductor, Intel, and Texas Instruments.

  • MontaVista Mobilinux 5.0 earned Embedded Computing Design's Editor's Choice Award, and won the EDN Innovation Award as the software for embedded developers that best "demonstrated innovation that resulted in a significant advance in technology."

  • The world's first Linux-based WiMAX mobile handset was designed and built by EB Corporation and NextWave™ Wireless with MontaVista Mobilinux in only nine months.

MontaVista Mobilinux is an optimized Linux operating system including specialized features such as dynamic power management for designing wireless handsets and other mobile devices such as MIDs (mobile Internet devices), GPS devices, portable medical products, and automotive infotainment. According to a research report published earlier this year by the Mobile Consumer Lab of the International University of Japan, "MontaVista Mobilinux currently dominates the Linux market for wireless devices, having implemented over 90 percent of Linux-based smartphones shipped in 2007."

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