WB510: System Development Jumpstart using MontaVista Software


This is a one day course titled "System Development Jumpstart using MontaVista Software" presented via WebEx. This instructor led on-line course provides the information needed to install MontaVista Linux, connect to a target platform, begin both kernel and application development, and deploy your project.

Please note that although this course includes several live demonstrations of the tools and techniques, it does NOT include any lab work for the attendees.


Students should be professional software developers building embedded systems using MontaVista Linux and proficient in the C programming language. Students are expected to be well-versed in operating system concepts and have some familiarity with Linux or a comparable development system.

  • Gain familiarity with the environment and tools that are available to develop embedded Linux systems and applications
  • Understand the Linux build and boot process
  • Create application projects using MontaVista DevRocket™
  • Learn kernel configuration with MontaVista DevRocket™


This course prepares developers to create embedded systems using MontaVista Linux Professional 5.0 Edition. The course instruction begins with a discussion of tools and techniques for cross-development using MontaVista Linux. Special attention is given to the use of MontaVista DevRocket™, an Eclipse-based IDE which is designed to facilitate rapid system software and applications development.

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Course outline:
Getting Started
  • Cross development environment
  • Installing MontaVista Linux Professional Edition on your Host
  • Configuring the Host
    • Target boot
    • Target filesystem
  • Setting up your own workspace
  • Booting the Target
  • The Linux Boot Cycle

Applications Development
  • Where to Get Help
  • Development Environment/Tools
  • Using DevRocket™
    • DevRocket™ Components
    • Managing Projects in DevRocket™
  • Debugging
  • Source Code Analysis Tools
  • Profiling and Performance Monitoring
  • Building your first application

Configuring the Linux Kernel
  • Kernel Configuration with DevRocket™
  • When Things Go Wrong - Oops and Panic

Deploying MV Linux
  • Platform Image Project